Flash Reactions, Indiana Jones Reviews And A Nightmare Week For Disney | Reel Spoilers #1

#1 The Flash Reactions, Indiana Jones Rotten Tomatoes Score, Jonathan Majors Kang & A Nightmare Week For Disney | Reel Spoilers. We discuss the first reactions to The Flash Screening, the Indiana Jones Rotten Tomatoes score, Willow being removed from Disney Plus, Kathleen Kennedy’s future at Lucasfilm, Jeff Loveness exiting Kang Dynasty, the MCU, Echo, Loki Season 2 and a lot more.

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39 thoughts on “Flash Reactions, Indiana Jones Reviews And A Nightmare Week For Disney | Reel Spoilers #1”

  1. Appreciate the dialogue about screenwriting. Writers never get credit for the structure and themes behind movies whereas the director gets credited for following the instruction manual

  2. The funny thing is Ezra WAS convicted of two crimes but DC/WB did not waver. Idk if Disney has those kind of balls. I’m surprised they didn’t fire him already. Personally, I won’t be watching The Flash. The whole grooming thing is too much for me. If he was just a problem petty criminal I would consider it. But, grooming kids is too much.

  3. 27:56 One explanation could be the residuals. Disney + only gets added income from new subscriptions, so they don’t really need to keep content that aren’t recognizable / trendy properties. And they have a cost for them so long as they are on the platform, depending on how the residuals are defined in contracts for streaming. It’s not like anyone has the numbers.

  4. It's just too much content – and that takes away from future releases too. I haven't watched a few marvel TV series and don't think I've missed out. I honestly don't even know what echo is – and haven't even bothered googling.

    On the other hand you have andor – and that was awesome.

    If corporate gives creatives enough support then there can be brilliant stuff.

  5. I have the biggest crush on Greg. Send help!

    Love a good podcast, looking forward to more! @paul I love the longer videos you do, and longer videos in general like podcasts, because I'm working from home a lot of the time and I can listen to them as i work. I also really appreciate that the quality of these longer videos is still incredibly high, I can't imagine the number of hours you spend on these but it really shows!

  6. The reason for the 45 day window is because of how easy it is to bootleg a digital file. When movies were on these huge reels that had to be driven to each individual movie theater and placed on a machine that would project the image it was almost impossible to bootleg a movie. Now every single movie and TV show and animation is just a digital file on a server. Unscrupulous employees and hackers can get those files off the server and distribute them globally within a few seconds. I remember years ago people would go to the movies with a cheap video camera, and then a day later a DVD version of the movie with horrible sound and image would be sold in the downtown of every major American city. That was during the days of VCRs and DVDs. Now it’s so much easier to bootleg the studios have no choice but to release these things on their own platforms as quickly as possible.

  7. You guys actually touched heavenly on something that bothers me alot with a certain person that has appeared on ur Chanel’s but can be said about many others
    And that’s that at times these guys who are always invited or so Intune and connected for the most part only have positives to say which is okay but for every single project ? It makes them feel not real and more so like a walking advertisement sometimes I wanna hear a negative review to know that you actually have taste and don’t just consume and love everything
    But you guys always seem to hold to your guns and making opinions

  8. This podcast is just like the Amber Turd trial. Seeing your true feelings is 1000% more authentic than appearing as some fanboy. Which I learned through this, you are not. Thank you, please continue on all fronts, and cover the next turd!

  9. All of his veiled digs at Nerdrotic lol we know who you're talking about. Then he proceeds to reluctantly crap on Disney and KK lol she has shit the bed and Disney is tanking, yes she should be fired and yes fans hate her constant woke trash


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