Fhool'Djuu – Sounds And Animations – Duets – Mythical Island ~ My Singing Monster

My Singing Monsters is a game franchise by Big Blue Bubble where you collect and breed Monsters that all sing and contribute to create a song. By building your collection of Monsters, you are able to purchase more Islands, which each have their own song and new Monsters to discover.

We Don’t Its Prank Or Not But If Its Made by BBB one day it will going to release

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6 thoughts on “Fhool'Djuu – Sounds And Animations – Duets – Mythical Island ~ My Singing Monster”

  1. Para Los Que Hablan espaΓ±ol
    Se refiere a que Encontraron sus animaciones y sonidos en los archivos de la ultima actulizacion y no sabemos cuando Saldra este Mounstro se Teoriza que sera un Estacional del dia de los inocentes

    En los archivos tambien se encontro que su combinacion es Hyehehe Y Dulcimer


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