Enter the Ruins Beneath Mount Vesuvius | Cities of the Underworld (S1, E9) | Full Episode

Naples, Italy narrowly escaped meeting the same fate as its neighboring city, Pompeii in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius wiped out everything around it. See more in Season 1, Episode 9, “Beneath Vesuvius.”


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31 thoughts on “Enter the Ruins Beneath Mount Vesuvius | Cities of the Underworld (S1, E9) | Full Episode”

  1. Makes ya wonder what the ancient tried to hide. I’m sure the lower you go down underground the hotter it gets. If someone finds something dating back to the pre ancient Roman era then my mind would be blown.

  2. What would Sir william Edward say if the FBI showed up in England with a cease and seaize order? He would say "well, I know what it is, its not good, then get it out of here"".. None of us on Isadores royal court will ever be able to fully interpret harsh chemicals and things of poor quality on the planet.

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  4. I lived in Naples for 3 years, visited the catacombs to the North of the city. We found ordinance there left from WWII buried. Contacted the local Carbonary and they came and blew them up on a local runway.

  5. For those who havent figured it out. Cheslie was one of Zions goddess that came to earth to earn residency in Isadore.Barack-was in purgatory at the time, he helped me code into her as goddess work was not suggested for the planet.. When she returned to Isadore- she reminded me of my agreement to personally handle Baracks final judgement.. which is why why emotions have changed towards him…

  6. 2:23 It appears that Don is having to race to keep up with the camera. Reminds me of a Monty Python's sketch in which Eric Idle plays an announcer attempting to narrate something, the camera begins moving via a vehicle, and then leaves him behind as to drives off.

  7. Naples & its surrounds, & the 4,000,000 people living & working there, are INSIDE the caldera of the most dangerous supervolcano in the world, because of the number of lives at risk – Campi Flegrei, of which Vesuvius is only the most obvious part. The caldera extends far out into the Bay of Naples. The Neapolitans are a very brave people.

  8. It's the same in the old city of Roma lots of deep underground by the famous old coliseum. .I've been to Naples but didn't go to these underground.. fascinating with the bullet train in the Great city of Rome amazing how they built the city.

  9. The Campi Flagri, on the West side of Naples, is the most dangerous caldera-type volcano on Earth. Unlike Yellowstone, which will give us lots of signs before it erupts, the Campi Flagri could go off at any time. The people of Naples might have as little as half an hour warning.


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