Early acquisition of Virginia-class subs will give future governments ‘options’ for fleet

The early acquisition of the US Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines will give future governments options for a “precise mix” of the submarine fleet, according to Defence Minister Richard Marles.


13 thoughts on “Early acquisition of Virginia-class subs will give future governments ‘options’ for fleet”

  1. Looks like blatant lies from Richard Marls body language arrogant holding the head up and eye closing says lies money laundering taxpayers dollars again we heard the same with Morrison gvmt subs in 2040 what a joke world war 3 will be over and done by then and the way Albanese Wong & Marls are contributing to Corrupt Ukraine they will get us all killed Australia is an embarrassment say No to NATO say No to War

  2. It’s all a joke anyway unless Australia basically keeps on shitting on China I’m sure they will do the same routine of putting all value to housing and land prices and all use the same equation to manage the military. Same spot and people that came up with the great idea of gassing Jews are the same people you pay tax to and the other want a voice. I say gas the voice like they advised against others in ww2 and see what the gold age brings just like they did and advised and hoped for.

  3. Families are struggling to keep roof over their heads and feed their children and these morons are buying nuclear submarines worth of billions which Australia will never see

  4. So… Submarines are the current nothing. Planning for war by 2040. With who? Over what? This is presently the dumbest idea on the planet. So you're not even in a war and are going to take thirty years to build a defence. Against who?

  5. By 2040 manned platforms will be mostly retired and replaced by robots. Those nuclear submarines will sail straight into the museum after delivery 😂😂😂

  6. What the HECK is the blue flag with the star doing up there! "We want people to pay homage to the spirits of this land, speak the aboriginal language before you walk across it, and pay homage to the elders past future and present" God it even sounds stupid in writing. No one knows what those elders stood for except to say its incompatible with modern australia, colonial australia, and they lost the land fair and square – its even incompatible to their own times – so we should discard their ideas. Lame!!!! Next two points: And btw – no one told the druids of England they had to formally 'give up' the land the romans and anglo-saxons took from them. If thats how easy it is! lol! lets just get Ukraine to do the same – ! Hear that Marles!? You don't need nuke subs dude! arha. its as easy as "Putin – we do not formally relinquish this land".

    Pretty exclusive club Nuke Subs – but I see a massive discrepancy with the above. One nation and flag can deliver it, the other 2 cannot. lol! This government didn't get any of this off the ground. They won't be around when the subs arrive by virtue of not obviously being around in 2050 I can't see them being elected 20 times in a row (haha) and also its probably going to be the case china won't really be around as it is at that point, and move's afoot to such an effect/fallback option recently at convention to gently shift the concept of one party forever, they may well place a concept above that precept in the future, the door is open for that. Interesting. It prob won't be a solid thing within 5 years. Lots of head scratching going on there but some in Australia seem to want to create confusions and head scratching in australia.

    Meaning china's political party may choose to govern over 'other' political party's in the future to form a loose confederation as the country crumbles and pulls apart – which is not a ludicrous idea if its the best one can do, see. And it is pulling gently apart even now. Aussie 3 flags want to tear apart but better to keep together. You may assume it is difficult to tell a city of 60 million in the metro area what to do – its difficult to get 25 million aussie on same page on occasion. If that city or city's are 1000km away then you understand china a little more. Its not always easy to tell them what to do haha

    I seem to remember the last time subs were brought up labor didn't want this situation, ie. the whole spending 300 billion. That must have been when china thought it was going to be around in 2050 but before Australia discovered it had 3 flags. Funny beast politics is hey.

    The truth is marles knows what he is talking about maybe labor doesn't, but china has more in common with the natives than they do the political institutions of australia. They would given the emotive nonsense above in the first para probably throw all Australian's under the bus in small or large ways to get it.

    1 Getting these subs is a great idea. On the way to war or checking no one is tapping the under sea cables it can stop at the torres strait island for the 2 seconds it will take to take it over.

    2 The actual aboriginal flag? Just sell it to someone who will promise never to show it in public. The idea that a flag can be sold instantly doesn't make it a flag, yet here we are. Pity its not worth 300 billion!

    The subs are a great thing to happen, just remember if I remember it correctly it was labor who got in the way of the nuclear part of the last one, I could be wrong! I doubt it!

    But now labor are in government they do not need the flags or those people – they could and should ditch the groups who provided whatever leverage – but hopefully the referendum does this for them. lol. They know, especially to stop cable-snoopers in the oceans, its better to go for subs, not flags.

    You get subs, then flag – not the other way round – labor knows this and did that before I wrote this of course. Now its in, as stated, the missing piece is definitely ditch the wrong idea and keep the good one; which would be the natural state of things surely, australia always could back it up 200 years ago and now. I am smart. However, I was never able to make a product to sell. I am not worth 300b otherwise I might have bought the subs as it could be an imperative.


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