Drone Strike, Russia Enters Klesheevka, Putin New Year Address: West Not Trusted

Drone Strike, Russia Enters Klesheevka, Putin New Year Address: West Not Trusted, Russia Fights for Independence
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34 thoughts on “Drone Strike, Russia Enters Klesheevka, Putin New Year Address: West Not Trusted”

  1. That's why laws and agreements have no meaning. Only means something when it suits the west. This is why laws must be enforced fairly across the world no matter the country. Without it nothing can be negotiated or trusted.

  2. Happy New Year to Mr. Mercouris and his family and everyone reading. Excellent report, as usual. Putin's claim that this war is "defensive" is something at all great powers claim when they illegally invade a country. Bush 43 claimed that when Iraq was invaded and claimed the danger was "imminent" – there is a reason Article 51 of the UN Charter (not that big powers like the US or Russia care) says that a country must be under "armed attack" before they can invade – and Russia unilaterally declaring those four regions are part of Russia is like when the US unilaterally declared Kosovo independent: as a pretext to bomb and in Russia's case, outright invade. Mr. Mercouris mentioned the "deception" of the West, but it was Mr. Mercouris who was bamboozled into thinking from November 2020 until the end of February 2021 that Russia would not invade and that this was a big ruse by Putin. Then he invades and yall unconditionally support him anyway. It's almost like this whole time you all have been (rightfully) critiquing US imperialism, it's not the "imperialism" part you had a problem with, it was just nationalist partisan hackery. Lastly, there is just as much evidence that the Minsk II agreement was broken by Russia than it was by Ukraine by the Right Sector. Remember when Russia flat-out lied and claimed that the Russians was not a party in the Debaltseve conflict in 2015?

  3. I’ve followed putins speeches since 2019, and I’m very impressed. He is a politician, but in comparison to western leaders, he talks sense. He comes across as a decent human being, and most of all care for his people. I can well see why the Russians are behind him.

  4. What you are seeing as something new and "democratic" (whatever that would mean when all the so-called "democratic states are today nazi aligned .As well as being kleptocracies, and mired in moral perversion) in the speech,is instead a return to the old Russia of the past. The religious humane Russian soul of before the Russian revolution comes through in that speech..

  5. Thank you Alexander for your superb analysis of Putin's speech, Putin himself, and his world view in which Russia regains its sovereignty. My question is why, if detachment from the hegemonic West is his ultimate goal, did he feel the necessity of jumping on the West's insane meddling in Ukraine — I mean, why not just leave Ukraine to itself (at this point it's a smoking wreck, anyway) and then devote his attention to detaching Russia from the collective West?

  6. Groot
    Think you miss understood my post – I certainly do Not support the Nazis – and no they are not gone I believe Ukraine just sent Idaire ( Maybe misspelled only seen them mentioned verbally) to Bakhmut ( into Russian meat grinder) and they got a heap of Azov back in a prisoner swap some time ago.
    Anyway mate all the best and a happy new year to you and yours.
    Sydney 🇦🇺

  7. Mean while in Canada…We are going into an 8th year of chaos,( as Trudeau likes to brag), and Jagmeet sits on his, self made, high perch sighting as to say, "When I get a chance to twist the election and rise up as the next PM…(because I have been traveling around the world campaigning as a WEF for it…tee-hehe. I'm a sneaky bastardo, learned from Trudeau!…like using Canadian votes to blackmail calling it "Trudy-Duty" as a way to the top! Seriously Hitler is on the loose in Canada and the death tole is at emergency levels and where is our emergency ACT in this? Canadian Indigenous, Multi Generational Citizens and immigrants alike are dying from policy in greater numbers than during Covid 19; we are in a STATE OF EMERGANCY LIKE NO OTHER TIME!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thankyou so much for sharing Putin's words. It's absolute insanity for westerners to not hear them. Even if it is a case of wanting to hear what your enemy is saying, if he is so terrible surely our leaders would want us to hear how terrible he is. I am amazed how un-curious westerners are, absolute lemmings ushered off a cliff. I am English but his words resonate more with me than any other world leader, least of all my own who seems to have vanished altogether as he is a totally empty suit. His outing at a food kitchen asking if a homeless man was in business said it all 🤡. I hope that Putin, Orban and the ones speaking up for family values prevail. It's madness to even have to say that the family is everything. All animals know this FFS!

  9. DEar Alexander, Thank you for your analysis of Putins speech. I speak Russian and I was moved by the delivery of the speech by Putin, specially when he referred to the families of the killed or wounded seing him getting teary eyes and stoping to take a big breath before continuing further. He is a leader who loves his people and not the presidential chair,

  10. Alexander… you notice that all countries that ally with USA have lost their sovereignty and are slaves to USA….no leader of these countries can do anything or venture anything without contacting USA and get approval and permission…. USA is the woman in the book of revelation riding on and controlling the beast with ten heads…. original ten European countries (EU)
    But the good news is…she fell down and was slained with the beast

  11. There are great Americans who speak the truth with strength and a sense of justice. For example, Scott Ritter so it's important to remember that the USA has been hijacked by evil people but their people are not evil. Like every other country, they have a lot of people who are intelligent and kind

  12. @28:00, Who were the key parties to the Minsk Agreement ? USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine. After the USA bombed the Nordstream pipelines, which has huge effect on the German economy as well as much of Western Europe, Germany and France could no longer toll the US line. For far too long when the USA spits in their face, they claim it’s the rain. Both Germany and France realize the USA has treated them as ladies of the night— use them, abuse them, then discard them. The first to break rank was Germany — former PM Merkel ‘lets the cat out of the bag.’

  13. @54:16, it is no coincidence that Putin’s speech emphasized the treachery and betrayal of France and especially Germany in the implementation of Minsk Agreement. Putin is invoking the bitter memory of Russian history when Hitler secretly had no intention of honoring the Non-aggression Pact between Germany and the USSR. Like the Non-aggression Pact the Minsk Agreement was a delay tactic to achieve a strategic military goal. Consequently, Germany unleashed the Wehrmacht’s Operation Barbarossa against the unsuspecting USSR. For the Russian student of WW2 and those who remember or experienced the Great Patriotic War (GPW) , they know the GPW claimed nearly one family member throughout the USSR. Putin is consciously reaching back to that traumatic period of the USSR using an allegory.

  14. @59:45, Those who claim or predict Russia will run out of ammunition are stupid or delusional. If Russia fail in the Ukraine War, the USA will be knocking on China’s doorstep. For that reason China will not allow Russia to run out of ammunition. Note that China is the world’s factory.

  15. They have determined correctly that they are fighting the forces of evil. The evidence clearly supports this. The rest of the world are not bold enough yet, but when the hammer comes down, the petro dollar dies and the BRICs rise, they will fall in line behind Russia's spiritual righteousness. The West is going to bleed out in Europe first and then the US.

    The script we were born with has flipped.. we have now become the N word. Garland calls it as it is when he notes how the ROW cheering on the defeat of the west removes the boot from their necks.

    Of course, at a finer level, there is a spiritual war of good and evil being fought. There you will find those of decency, morality and integrity calling out the BS of our own leader's.

  16. Expetion of NATO as an aggressive USA organization with the aim of subjecting and dissmemaring for looting the lund for the Anglo sextons benefit,How dose any one reackt?

  17. Another city another waste of life Russian is just wasting all its resources and basically killing civilians at this point they’ve really ruined a great nation and for what Ukraine was no threat to this what an idiotic stunt this was Putin is the new hitler without the military might

  18. So Iam not the only one who thinks that president Putin as the head of the Russian federation is leading a crusade against the evil NATO and their gangsters friends in the Whitehouse and the Pentagon. President Putin was ordain by God to carryout his cleansing operation and we wish him all the success in carrying out this important and difficult challenge: God bless Russia 🇷🇺🙏.

  19. Why do western leaders hate Putin,?
    Compare the standard of living of Russian people on 31-12-1999 with the standard of living on 31-12-2022.
    The difference is the answer.
    Compare the standard of living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany Francefor the same period.

  20. Most people here in the UK who watch our MSM channels and newspapers – have not even heard of the Minsk agreements or Nuland. Or the agreement for NATO not to expand after the Soviet Union broke up. Or how the people of Donbas were treated by Ukraine. Stopping them speaking their first language – highly provocative and making them 2nd class citazens. They really think Putin just invaded at random as he wants land. To try to tell them you have a different view, however softly makes them think you are mad! They do not want to listen. Think you are crazy Putin apologist.


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