DESTROYED LG With Way Too OP Teams! Road To 100 Legendary Gauntlet Streak 21-30 | Pokemon Masters EX

Video Title: DESTROYED LG With Way Too OP Teams! Road To 100 Legendary Gauntlet Streak 21-30 | Pokemon Masters EX

0:00 #21 F Allister/Helena/SSR Cynthia VS Cobalion
3:42 #22 SS Kris/Clair/TL Siver VS Entei
7:38 #23 Alder/Viola/BP Morty VS Azelf
11:06 #24 V Kris/H Whitney/Hau VS Cobalion
15:27 #25 Lysandre/Support Gengar/TL Lillie VS Entei
21:56 #26 SS Acerola/TL Sycamore/TL Gloria VS Azelf
26:17 #27 Silver/SS Morty/BP Erika VS Cobalion
31:55 #28 Archie/Liza/Tech Blastoise VS Entei
34:59 #29 Marlon/Lucas/SS Serena VS Azelf
37:58 #30 SS Hilda/Tech Parasect/Lisia VS Cobalion

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4 thoughts on “DESTROYED LG With Way Too OP Teams! Road To 100 Legendary Gauntlet Streak 21-30 | Pokemon Masters EX”

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    I think a lot of us would rather you feel better.

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