ChickenHole Base Ep 21: Moisture Farming


22 thoughts on “ChickenHole Base Ep 21: Moisture Farming”

  1. Gotta be honest I really had no idea what was going on here. I understood the scientific principals of what was being done, I just didn’t understand where we were, or why we were there, or why we were doing the things we were doing.

  2. Tech Ingredients has a some videos on improving AC efficiency by using liquid desiccants, the desiccant is then heated/evaporated to recharge it. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be possible to use such a system to extract the moisture just after the evaporation stage.

  3. mars already condenses water on its own. i wonder what what happen if areas that saw seasonal frost had added structure, fog catchers, greenhouses, etc.
    oh i realise now you're basically removing water from the soil. interestingly when you're done the now depleted soil will act like a sponge and suck it back out of the atmosphere, albeit very slowly. Rain is really whats needed. lmao


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