Buggy Causes Chaos!! Arpo To The Rescue!! | ARPO | Educational Kids Videos | Moonbug Kids

Bob comes home after a tiring day at work. While he is sleeping, baby Daniel is up to no good in planning to wake him up. Arpo, stop him!

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Underneath a strong and fearless exterior, is a caring, slightly clumsy and unprepared Robot. With all the right intentions and a spotless track record of 100% completed missions, ARPO has been reprogrammed to be a babysitter. Combining slap-stick humour and adventure, ARPO is a family-friendly show perfect for developing kids’ sense of humour.

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📺 Episodes: 📺

00:00 Buggy Causes Chaos!! Arpo To The Rescue!!
03:13 Where Did You Go?
04:46 Squirrel Stole the Baby – ARPO to the Rescue
06:17 Playing Ruff
09:45 Cabin Creeps
11:17 Towering Arpopra
14:45 Can’t Stop DANCING!!!
16:14 Live and Let Pie
19:41 How to Potty Train!!!
21:12 Horror Movie Night with Spooky Squirrel !!!
22:44 Night Time Terrors – Arpo Gets REVENGE!!!
26:15 Snowball Showdown – Ready Steady Throw
27:44 Valentine’s Day-saster
31:15 Neighbour Steals the Ice Lolly!!!
32:47 What’s the Sound? – Annoying Squeak!!!
34:18 Scavengers Assemble
37:46 Bringing Up Baby
41:12 Meal Deal
44:49 GIANT Building Blocks Tower
46:18 Christmas Lights
49:29 A Stinky Situation!!!
51:03 Accidents Happen!!
52:37 Dream Drama
56:10 DANGEROUS Toys!! – Robot Tricks
57:39 Lost Teddy
1:01:10 Squirrel STEALS Baby’s Food !!!


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