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49 thoughts on “Breaking Bad (S3. Ep.13) Reaction | First Time Watching | Asia and BJ”

  1. His name is Mike, he's been here for almost two seasons now and you still can't remember his name?

    Also he is FORMER P.I.

    The second guy isn't 'other guy', he is Victor. He's not as important as Mike but they're partners in crime.

  2. Thank you for the recent uploads of your reactions of this show! I heard you had finished the series already, and watched El Camino, too (yay!) and it seemed like the episodes weren't getting posted as frequently. However, I knew you were watching other movies and shows, too, so I just tried to be patient. I just love watching you both watch this show! Also, while I realize Better Call Saul didn't make it as your next series to watch, and if you are planning to watch it at some point, it honestly would be better (for your sake) to watch it sooner, than later, while the characters are fresh in your minds, and the storylines, too, as BCS is giving you the back story to not only Saul Goodman, but the Breaking Bad story, too.

  3. Jesse's never really the same after having to kill Gale ! It kind of haunts him over the last 2 seasons of the show ! It's almost time for you guys to buckle up ! These last 2 seasons are INSANE !!

  4. 26:35 "And I feel like the reason he didn't wanna do it, is because he knows.. if he does it, their life is on the line."
    No, they're life is already on the line for disobeying Gus and killing two of his employees when he told them to keep the peace. So now Gus is gonna kill them both and have Gale cook.
    Killing Gale is the only way to save Walt. If Gus needs Walt, then that gives Walt some leverage to protect Jesse. So killing Gale doesn't put their lives on the line, it actually gets their lives off the line.
    The reason he didn't want to do it is because Jesse had never killed anyone before. There were times he planned to kill bad guys because they had to go, but he never had to go through with it before. And what's worse is that Gale was not a bad guy, he was a good, innocent person begging for his life. That's why Jesse didn't wanna do it. Because Jesse has a good heart deep down.

  5. they were gonna kill walt right then. Pretend there's a barrell leak, then shoot him in the head as he goes towards the lab or whatever. Walt knew there was no leak. And Mike knew that Walk knew! That's what the whole 'you don't have to do this', 'yeah, I do' thing was about. Gus assumed that gale already knew enough to mean walt wasn't necessary anymore

  6. It's so fun from here on out, you can have years to think about where they taking you from one episode to the next, but what the writers come up with is always better. Amazing


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