Blizzard Confirms: Overwatch 2 Is Not A Sequel | This Week's Gaming News

In This Week’s Gaming News we get confirmation Overwatch 2 is just an update, Blizz acquires studio to work on WoW, and much more. Thanks to DNF Duel for sponsoring today’s video, check it out here – Steam:
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This Weeks PC Gaming News
00:00 This Weeks PC Gaming News
01:39 Overwatch 2 Is Officially An Update, Not A Sequel
06:43 Blizzard Acquires Entire Studio To Fix WoW
08:57 Skull and Bones Is Launching This Year
11:01 Fallout London Looks Amazing
12:30 The Day Before Wants Unpaid Volunteers To Work On Game
14:55 Ashes of Creation Has Come A Long Way

New Game Reveals
16:15 Harvestella – Fantasy Life Sim RPG by Square Enix
17:07 Once Human – Otherworldly Survival Game

18:03 Skate Development, Redfall, Tower of Fantasy, New Releases

18:50 Thanks For Watching

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41 thoughts on “Blizzard Confirms: Overwatch 2 Is Not A Sequel | This Week's Gaming News”

  1. Bethesda has things to be critiqued for for sure. But you have admit thier reaction to FO London would have been a lawsuit from any other company. Immediate cease and desist orders filed. Bethesda said "OH that's pretty neat, yall need jobs?" That's respectable.

  2. Honestly I think division messed this up. They made division 2 and changed how great the division was already by the end of division 1 that game was at its peak and amazing!! Division 2 shouldn’t of been so much as a new game but just a extension. It’s an online service game. Could have just been a title update and closed down division 1 and kept what made division 1 great and just gave us the new maps missions etc! And continued to balance the game . When they added new skills etc.. overwatch 2.0 is doing just that they are keeping what makes it great balancing hero’s and changed it to 5v5 the pve side isn’t even coming for a while so your not really getting a big enough update to make the game feel like a second one..

  3. They never said it was a sequel in the first place and for us that still play the game have known that for a long time. You just don't follow the game but still jump on the meme

  4. The reason why people care what the game's name is, is that calling it Overwatch 2 is simply misleading and they're basically tricking people by calling a simple patch a sequel, implying it has more content than a simple patch

  5. I'm so confused man. They went from trying to convince us overwatch 2 is a sequel to now admitting it's not a sequel and will completely kill the original. I'm glad ow2 is at least free so I don't have to buy it again but man it just feels so weird how they have been handling overwatch 2

  6. Ever since "Overwatch 2" was officially announced, they have said that they will merge the current Overwatch game into the sequel. So this "confirmation" is not really news. They've been saying the same thing for about 3 years now.

    The ACTUAL news is that they don't have the PvE-side done, at all, which WAS the original selling point for OW2. Instead there has been some sort of major fuck up, where they have wasted the past 3-5 years doing seemingly nothing, because the original game hasn't gotten updates, AND they haven't been working on the PvE-missions either. So where did all that time go, and why?

  7. Considering they had already said all the skins and rewards from OW1 would carry over to Overwatch 2 I honestly had never thought it would be an entirely "new" game.

    Tho I do think that when Jeff was there he wanted to make something bigger and new compared to OW1.

  8. Being a psn player, overwatch 2 beta is feeling like a sequel. Considering that I've been playing it 60 fps for years. Finally 120 in the beta T^T

  9. Same thing that was or is being done for Path of Exile. No one seems to mind because GGG is viewed in a much more positive light than is Blizzard/Activision.

  10. I'm not sure I've ever been as dissapointed in a game than I am with the abandonment of OW1 and its rebranding as a sequel-not-sequel as an excuse to fill it to the brim with modern mtx strategies.

  11. Library of congress needs to support battlefield 2(the original old one) and old mmo like vanguard and asheron's call 2. Imagine if there was a law that said congress gets rights and use of game "x" amount of years after it being unavailable.

  12. WE better not have to pat for overwatch 2. if its just an overwatch update sure ok kool. unfortunately i do nothing and get a ridiculously long suspension again for nothing. for example. i get throwers 1-2-3 i throw too because why not. games over at that point. so i throw a few games because of others and i`ve been banned for at least 5 months at this point. i do have the max amount of smurfs but still

  13. This is just further proof that blizzard needs to get away from activision. They are responsible for all this garbage. I hope microsoft steps in and saves the day before Diablo 4 releases.

  14. Have you checked out Multiversus? Warner brothers 'smash-like' game. Open beta should be online next week. Could you maybe include it in the next episode?

  15. I don't know why everybody has a hate boner for overwatch nowadays. twisting word like "killing the original game" when they are releasing a huge update for free with multiple maps and heroes. Imo it's do or die for overwatch, and if they hadn't done anything crazy (like f2p, big updates and modernizing it) soon the game would fade away into obscurity and die with a whimper.


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