Best Sigil and Level 6 Mastery for Divine Chrono Hades | Pride Solo Event | DML

For Divine Apollo i unlocked Divine and Energy element, choose Sigil Acceptance, and Witchcraft on my 2nd Chrono hades, Acceptance and Wonder on my 1st Chrono Hades. level 6 Mastery Mass blessing and and for Energy Burnout and suggestion for Wind skill Storm’s A Brewing.
In Pride Solo event complete some task in level 7 also complete today 4 sigil battle

Below the event time line and this week event:-May 29 – June 5
Dragon of the week: Memorial! Its parents are the Pirate Dragon and Seed Dragon
Solo Event with new Pride Dragon! A Breeding Token is available for The Fool Dragon
Bottomless Dungeon with Punk Dragon. Dungeon shop: Sweet Treat Dragon
Otto’s Lotto with pieces of the Circus Dragon
May 29- June 2: Great Dragon Race!
May 29-31: Gem Spending event with the Sovereign Dragon as a milestone reward and the new Crystal Brute Dragon on the Leaderboard
May 31: Enchanted Trinket Frenzy!
June 1-5: Blitz Breeding: breed Gingerbread Dragon and Pride Dragon to get Sagittarius Dragon
June 2-5: Dinner Time with the Treater Dragon

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Best Sigil and Level 6 Mastery for Divine Chrono Hades | Pride Solo Event | DML

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