A Hard Track To Get Right – Lourdes Round 1 with Ben Cathro | Inside The Tape

In short, this is one rough and difficult track. Join Ben Cathro as he breaks down what lines are looking fast and what ones are problematic.

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43 thoughts on “A Hard Track To Get Right – Lourdes Round 1 with Ben Cathro | Inside The Tape”

  1. Inside the tape ist back 🙂
    Sorry about your impingement syndrom in your shoulder so you can´t race this great track this time, Ben. I had the same issue in the past so I know about 🙁

  2. So, finally a real course description and line analysis that really helps us watch this race and gives us something to focus on!!! Incredible breakdown especially with the film over film rider , its like F1 ! please keep this up !!! awesome!! Go Ben and Pinkbike!

  3. I gotta wonder how long it's gonna take for organizers to start cracking down on fans bringing in excessive noise makers. Like, the cow bells are traditional and I've got no problem with that, but people are coming with air horns and sirens and fucking chainsaws and it's really making it hard to enjoy watching the runs when the competitors are just running a gauntlet of drunken wankers who only seem to be in attendance to try to draw attention to themselves.


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