5-year-old shot, killed in Interstate 880 shooting

A young child has died after being shot on Interstate 880 Saturday evening between Fremont and Milpitas, according to the California Highway Patrol.

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47 thoughts on “5-year-old shot, killed in Interstate 880 shooting”

  1. You know despite what I'll say who knows what the mama was doing driving her car she probably have road rage and felt like she was above at all then the other person decides that shootings 😅😊😊😊

  2. Who ever did this better get life in prison, with no possibility of parol. This crime is getting out of control due to these progressive DA’s. They need to removed from office asap enough is enough.

  3. Another Child killed on the 880.OK. Here is the solution It is time for a Federal $5 Million Dollar reward. At $5 million dollars a member of the criminal s family, and I know that the criminal has family, who will at THAT price, come foreword.

  4. How many more innocent children are going to get killed on this freeway? OK. Federal reward needs to be $5,000,000.00. Let s call it Snitches Get Riches. There will be no more shootings of children. Enough. When innocent children get killed in random shootings it is time to pull the plug on that town or area. Or a Federal Reward of $5,000,000.00. Which do you want?

  5. The 4 gang members who murdered the 5 year old girl were later arrested in Santa Cruz. They had earlier the same night also murdered a 20 year old, probably rival gang member.

    California's extremely strict gun laws did absolutely nothing to stop the gang members from getting their guns.

  6. Remember JASPER WU. Oakland DA is not recommending prison or jail time for perpetrators calling it "reformative justice". Then you wonder these California looney tunes who they vote for every election. Love the liberal logic.

  7. Let me guess, the usual suspects??! So sick of these little hoodie wearing pos shooting each other up on the roadways and little innocent kids getting killed by just being in the way. Good job California being soft on these scumbags.

  8. People are legal gun owners…until they are not. But hey…the right wing gun nuts tell us guns don't kill people. I'm sure she could have been just as easily killed by throwing a knife on the highway like a ninja.

  9. The saddest thing is they didn’t do anything after jasper wu, they won’t do anything after this incident either. We are all unsafe on the freeway. Absolutely sickening!!! Criminals need to start being publicly humiliated so they stop killing innocent people!!!

  10. Doesn't California have some of the strictest gun laws in the country? It's almost like criminals don't follow gun laws. We should definitely take away law-abiding citizens right to defend themselves.


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