30 Incredible Nintendo Eshop Deals At NEW LOW Prices! New Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale!

New Low Price Eshop Deals LIVE NOW! Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale!
Check out these AMAZING deals, they are all at NEW LOW PRICES

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0:00 – Welcome, Don’t Forget to Enter the Give Away!
0:29 – Within The Blade (2D Action Platformer)
1:08 – POST VOID (FPS)
1:50 – Xeno Crisis (Top Down Multiplayer)
2:27 – Tyrants Blessing (Strategy)
3:11 – Lone Ruin (Top Down Twin Stick Shooter)
3:57 – The Company Man (2D Platformer)
4:44 – Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights (2D Souls-Like)
5:24 – Jack Move (Adv/ RPG)
6:11 – Curse of the Sea Rats (metroidvania)
7:00 – Vernal Edge (metroidvania)
7:47 – Figment 2 Creed Valley (Isometric Adventure)
8:40 – More Great Nintendo Eshop Deals At New Low Prices This Weekend!
9:34 – Game Give Away!
9:55 – Thanks For Watching!

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41 thoughts on “30 Incredible Nintendo Eshop Deals At NEW LOW Prices! New Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale!”

  1. I found a game that's expires in like 5ish hours for 4$ called slice of life. It looks like old Mario tennis games. A tennis game with light rpg and social elements. I've never heard anyone talk about it and there's no reviews on it so I'm going in blind.

  2. Lone Ruin looks so cool. I just wish the game was longer. Two hours seem rather short. Also, Curse of The Sea Rats has to be one of the best titles to a game I've ever heard ha. Great video man!

  3. Most games on the channel are priced SO much less than on this episode!
    That's why I subscribed and regularly watch the channel.
    I mean, I thought that was the whole idea..
    Anyway, was always great content and thanks for everything till now.

  4. 6:29 had me laughing: "the enemies can be a BITC-"… ah no, "a bit (space) challenging".

    Figment 2 looks amazing, but I still need to play the first I bought really cheap a short while ago.

    If you have a Mexican account, you might want to check the price on Squad 51 vs Flying Saucers over there, a GREAT sidescrolling bullethell aircraft shooter and love letter to very old science fiction movies with live action cut scenes and everything black and white. It does have a good progression system and an infinite lives option. A great game really, but especially great value at the Mexican price…

  5. Que pasa bro! I've been meaning to get jack move for a long time. Btw you may want to showcase Flame Keeper I'm about to drop a review, it's a fantastic game. In some ways it reminds me of cult of the lamb mixed with a tower defense roguelite paradigm


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