2024 TCL QM8, Hisense U8N: Bravia 9 Challengers Are HERE!

TCL QM851G and Hisense U8N are good vs QN900D but good enough to take on Bravia 9? ๐Ÿ›’2024 QM851G https://howl.me/cmfuuLVLA7P ๐Ÿ›’Hisense U8N https://howl.me/cmfuv039IUZ ๐Ÿ›’Bravia 9 https://howl.me/cmfuC7cTRfZ ๐Ÿ›’2024 TV Deals Below
Sony ๐Ÿ›’Bravia 9 https://howl.me/cmfuC7cTRfZ
Sony Bravia 7 https://howl.me/cl9jMeaURif
LG G4 https://howl.me/cl8kr6wEPf2
LG C4 https://howl.me/cl8krwO16qA
S90D https://howl.me/cl8kqZtZT7B
S95D https://howl.me/clTT7MQcaqI

2024 TCL QM8 vs Hisense U8N 5000 nit challenge!
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19 thoughts on “2024 TCL QM8, Hisense U8N: Bravia 9 Challengers Are HERE!”

  1. The latest firmware for the '23 QM8 (v295) actually fixes the black crushing in DV (where it clips 1-3% completely in v283) and improves HDR10 greatly. It's a little less aggressive about retaining small specular highlights, but in exchange for fixing some of the black level issues. Probably the best that the set has looked thus far. Not sure if your set has received it, since TCL is so slow to roll updates out. Flashable USB version is up in the AVSForum thread though.

  2. The #1 test scenario I want to see with the 2024 QM8 is brightness with BFI in 120fps content (PC Gaming).
    With 5,000 nits capability, does it reach 2,500 nits in BFI? Does BFI change tone mapping? Are all calibration controls still available with BFI?

  3. I think I'm happy I waited, I've been debating on the 2023 version of the qm8 but now they made the 2024 and I still don't know what one to fully buy quite yet but thank you for this comparison! What would you recommend? I could save money buying the 2023 qm8 or get the 2024 qm8 or something good for my living room.

  4. In the meantime Canadians are still waiting for either the U8N, U9N or the QM8 to be available and no idea of the pricing either…. TCL Canada website has the qm8 75inch at $3500CAD… hopefully it will be cheaper at the stores.


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