$1157 In Repairs !! So You WANT TO BE AN OWNER OPERATOR !?! Day in the Life what can go Wrong LOCAL

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36 thoughts on “$1157 In Repairs !! So You WANT TO BE AN OWNER OPERATOR !?! Day in the Life what can go Wrong LOCAL”

  1. Thats called a heel, I would hit the bottom of the cones on the trailer and if it doesn't sound hollow, i wouldn't pull it, those bulk trailers have a habit of sweating causing the product to stick.
    I hauled plastic chips and powder for years for TWT.

  2. Had told you my cancer story in the other video but watching this one reminded me I was trucking the day my mom passed back in 96. It was the most messed up day trying to get my load and get on the road. When I looked back it seems like something was telling me to stay home that day. And I sure wish I would have. Not a phone call you want to get driving down the road. The good Lord was driving for a bit that day because I do not even remember driving after I heard those words.

  3. Try looking for a MACK pinnacle with the 48 inch sleeper. Light weight, Still gives you a sleeping option. And a great truck at a good price.

  4. You're very welcome, my wife's grandmother she used a certain female body spray, well we can be watching a movie on the TV & we get a faint whiff of it. So yes they can be around us.
    Yes sir on that air leak . Good find & keep up on being safe.

  5. Paccar is beats cummins any day of the week. If u get it deleted and put a tune on it itll last forever. I had over 1,136,000 miles on my 2016 579 only did rods main injectors and turbo. No in frame. Sadly had to sell it due to the rates. Not worth it.

  6. Justin it is never easy to lose a parent or sibling. I lost my brother to the 2nd round of cancer last September 22nd. My deepest and sincerest condolences to you and the family. Praise God we have the reassurance as Christians we will see them again.

  7. I just took those Toyo tires off my truck They were good for a while But when I got down to 12/32 I developed a shake at 65 I run centrimatics wheel balancers I switched to Bridgestone I also run 24.5 I also had same exact problem with Firestone FS591 Had alignment done complete front end check found nothing wrong

  8. That's why u must carry gorilla tape from Home Depot & rescue tape from truck parts store u could wrap it around that air bag till u got it fixed the next day or 2👍

  9. Sorry for your loss. It’s never easy to loose a parent. I’ve run Toyo tires on my trucks and SUV’s for the past 10 years. Prior to that I ran Michelins never regretted going to Toyo’s. Awesome tires.

  10. When spot market throws you lemons you have to venture into different forms of hauling in order to make lemonade. Try dump trucks 140 -160hr with truck and trailer home everyday. Maybe a lowboy hauling heavy equipment or step deck its not easy making lemonade easier said than done for sure.

  11. Sorry for your loss my brother!I must say I just started watching your videos and you are definitely a light in this world 🌎!I am sure your mom has been proud of who you are also!I catch myself saying Be kind and be great,Be the hood in the world!I tell you what those 3 boys are blessed to have you as there father also!Keep doing what your doing and may God keep blessing you and the family!!


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