10 Highly-Rated HORROR Movies You've Never Heard of

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50 thoughts on “10 Highly-Rated HORROR Movies You've Never Heard of”

  1. U.S., UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA (Availability Below)

    Availability in United States:
    10. Summer of 84 – SHUDDER or AMC+
    9. Lovely Molly – Worth Renting
    8. A Dark Song – AMC+ or PLEX
    7. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead – Roku or AMC+
    6. The Signal (2007) – Crackle, PlutoTV, Roku, FuboTV
    5. The Revenant – Worth Renting
    4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe – AMC+, DirectTV
    3. The Loved Ones – PlutoTV
    2. Grave Encounters – SHUDDER, AMC+, Tubi, FreeVee, Crackle & More
    Grave Encounters 2 – SHUDDER, AMC+, Tubi, FreeVee, Crackle & More
    1. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon – Worth Renting

    Availability in Canada:
    10. Summer of 84 – AMC+ or Hoopla
    9. Lovely Molly – PLEX
    8. A Dark Song – Tubi, PLEX
    7. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead – PLEX
    6. The Signal (2007) – Worth Renting
    5. The Revenant – Worth Renting
    4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe – AMC+, Tubi, PLEX
    3. The Loved Ones – Worth Renting
    2. Grave Encounters – Prime Video or Tubi
    Grave Encounters 2 – Worth Renting
    1. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon – AMC+

    Availability in UK/Europe:
    10. Summer of 84 –
    9. Lovely Molly – SHUDDER
    8. A Dark Song – FreeVee
    7. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead – Studio Canal Channel
    6. The Signal (2007) – Worth Renting
    5. The Revenant – STARZ, Virgin TV Go or SHUDDER
    4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe – Virgin TV Go
    3. The Loved Ones – Virgin TV Go
    2. Grave Encounters – SHUDDER
    Grave Encounters 2 – Prime Video or Virgin TV Go
    1. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon – Worth Renting

    Availability in Australia:
    10. Summer of 84 – Worth Renting
    9. Lovely Molly – Worth Renting
    8. A Dark Song – Worth Renting
    7. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead – Netflix, Stan. or SHUDDER
    6. The Signal (2007) – Worth Renting
    5. The Revenant – Worth Renting
    4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe – Worth Renting
    3. The Loved Ones – Stan.
    2. Grave Encounters – Worth Renting
    Grave Encounters 2 – Worth Renting
    1.Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesley Vernon – Worth Renting

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  2. Lovely Molly is so underrated. I've owned it for several years. Have only been able to watch it a couple times. And The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of my favorites. Raises my anxiety…and that is really difficult for someone my age who's been watching horror for 40 years.

  3. I do NOT see how anyone could enjoy Wyrmwood. This might just be me, but the tone is just awful, swinging from heavily depressing to wacky to plain jane horror/action that I am just sick of.

  4. Next time you make a list like this, watch the 2017 release "savageland." It's a monster movie without monsters made in documentary style. The only glimpse we get of the monsters come from mostly blurry photos taken by the main character that makes you back up to get a closer look repeatedly. Some of the worst monsters in this movie are not the traditional ones, but the people being interviewed, who seem to take pride in bigotry and hate mongering, like the radio commentator who seems to have waited his whole life to unload on the main character. I really highly recommend it; it's at the top of my "underrated" list of movies and deserves a much larger audience.

  5. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon at number one=instant subscribe. Got to meet Scott Wilson at a convention, and he only had Hershel photos, so I asked about Behind the Mask, and he seemed to enjoy that. Got to see him at one more convention before his passing, and he had a couple of pics from this movie. I'll always be sad I was too poor to pick one up at the time, but hopefully other con goers saw the photos and asked about them.

  6. My top 4 Underrated Horror Movies are
    1. Darkness 2002.
    I first watched it in theaters and didn't like it because at the time everything was trying to be like "The Ring" with jump Scares and Darkness is just a different type of movie so I wasn't feeling it. I caught it again years later and I now find it to be quite horrifying; especially the last 10 minutes of the film. It's a slow burn, but the ending really brings it home.

    2. Satan's Little Helper 2004
    Most would probably disagree with me on this one, but I found this to be a pretty good little flick. I think it's an example of what can be done if you have a small budget, a pretty good script, and decent actors to pull it off. I'm not big into the slasher flicks, but I think this one is pretty good and a unique take on the genre.

    3. The Shrine 2010
    It's just a great take on the possession trope, and the concept is pretty interesting. The twist in the film actually surprised me too.

    4. The Empty Man 2020
    Another slow burn that pays off at the end, is conceptually horrifying, and has some truly scary scenes.

  7. Haha! In Wyrmwood, the zombies don't run on fuel at all. It's the complete opposite; direct sunlight causes the gas build up in their decomposing bodies to become strong enough to power a vehicle, run generators, etc.

  8. I apologize ahead of time for how this might sound. It is really hard to look at your face as your mustache/beard is not even on both sides. Please check out for yourself. Love yr movie suggestions!

  9. So nice to tell us availability in Canada too! Ty for that list there's actually 2 or 3 I haven't watched. A Dark Song was awesome. I watched it two times. It is slow I almost gave up the first time but the end is really great and different. Jane Doe is a must too. Others I didn't like that much. I will look for Wyrmwood and Revenant though!

  10. Well I've seen half of these lol. I will say that if you are into Magick and the occult, you will enjoy A Dark Song, it takes the subject seriously and although it's a slow build up I truly loved the ending, I honestly didn't expect it. I'm surprised Jane Doe wasn't more popular, it was such a classic horror movie and a lot of fun. Same goes for Behind the Mask. Lovely Molly is also a really good film and worth a watch.

  11. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is easily one of the best horror movies I've ever seen! It starts off slow, sure, but once the supernatural stuff starts happening, you'll be glad you hung around through the early segments!

  12. The Autopsy of Jane Doe was too intense for me. All the pressing of the pause button wasn’t enough. I had to bounce. My recommendation: Severance, Hush, Kirsty, Vacancy and Late Phases.

  13. YOOO I REMEMBER THE GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, I watched it w my then bf and mom one saturday night and i felt so ill afterwards i decided to go out just to wash out the feeling and it didnt. Cant explain that movie, leaves you feeling like youre in a horror movie yourself )? it was great, i mean, effective

  14. A horror movie that I thought was creepy as hell but had never heard of (and still have never heard anyone mention since I saw it awhile ago) is Hangman. It's from 2015 and stars Jeremy Sisto. It is a kind of found footage style movie but more CCTV/home surveillance, in similar vein of the Paranormal Activity movies. I was looking for something to watch and stumbled on it and decided to give it a shot, not expecting much. But I was surprised and thoroughly creeper out- and it stayed with me. This movie actually made me check under my bed and I'm 43 with grown children and have been watching horror movies since the 80s. It's not anything new or overly shocking or scary scary but it will make your skin prickle.

  15. Thanks for this great list, Darren. Have not seen many of these but remember the trailers for a few of them. I appreciate the reviews of each and the links below and am excited to see them!

  16. I'm so glad this popped up on my feed. I was just looking for some new movies to watch!There's definitely some you mentioned that I'm interested in seeing, Behind the Mask being the first.
    ( Spoilers for Summer of 84)

    I have seen that movie, and I wanted to enjoy it so bad. There were so many people raving about it in the comment section on youtube of the movie when I rented it.
    There were definitely things I liked about the movie, like the vibe, as well as the ending. But for me, it was just way too predictable. You know who did it, and so does the main character from the very beginning.
    The main character was so adamant that the cop/neighbor was the killer. While for me, the whole time I kept hoping they were going to pull a twist that it was his dad all along.
    It would've been so interesting to see where they would've taken that twist. When the main character starts blaming the neighbor they could've had the dad planting evidence.
    & even set up the cop where he goes to jail, while the dad/killer gets away and can continue his killings. I did like that they ended it with the cop getting away, but the whole time I just wanted it to be the dad.
    I have so many ideas I would've loved to see played out, or just different scenarios of things that could've happen if it was the father.
    It wasn't a bad movie, I was just craving a twist of some kind!


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