10 Characters I Want In Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves (& 10 Characters I DON'T Want)

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17 thoughts on “10 Characters I Want In Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves (& 10 Characters I DON'T Want)”

  1. Flash back Geese and old man Yamazaki who actually focuses on his knife play maybe Terry's dad or Krauser definitely don't want to see that male Blue Mary clone

    Drunk Thai guy should be dlc for kof15

    But wouldn't mind a male Muay thai user

  2. I mean, why couldn't Mr Karate 2 appear in this game? Look at "Street Fighter" and all those shotos, the original Mr Karate himself in the original "Art of Fighting", or both of Kim's sons in the first Garou. Having similar fighting styles shouldn't be an issue.

  3. The characters I want to see (not counting characters who were already revealed) are:

    Andy Bogard
    Joe Higashi
    Richard Meyer
    Tung Fu Rue
    Duck King
    Billy Kane
    Geese Howard
    Mai Shiranui
    Kim Kaphwan
    Cheng Sinzan
    Laurence Blood
    Wolfgang Krauser
    Blue Mary
    Franco Bash
    Bob Wilson
    Ryuji Yamasaki
    Jin Chonshu
    Jin Chonrei
    Rick Strowd
    Li Xiangfei
    Alfred Airhawk
    B. Jenet
    Dong Hwan
    Jae Hoon
    Kevin Rian
    Kain R. Heinlein
    Ryo Sakazaki
    Iori Yagami (mainly because he was already in a Fatal Fury game that only came out in Japan, and I feel cheated)

    As for third party guest characters: Ryu and Chun-Li.

  4. awesome list and yeah its a list that i can agree with especially duck king if any fatal fury character I want back obviously duck king I really want to see him in city of the wolves 3D model cuz God they made rock terry hotaru tizoc and preecha outstanding in 3D but mostly hotaru they did justice with her beauty so I can imagine SNK skyrocketing duck king's 3D model but i wonder what they will do to his design though but I also do want to see jenet and gato even though there already confirmed for city of the wolves from the teaser trailer from their voices. Also I can agree with you about shun'ei and i'm not those people who hates shun'ei or complaining about him not being one of the character for city of the wolves cuz again I don't hate shun'ei I think he's neat but the I can agree of him not being in city of the wolves cuz it doesn't make sense shun'ei already has his own story and lore in the king of fighters series despite being trained by tung but he's an original kof character and him in the city of the wolves would honestly wouldn't make sense and would honestly mess up rock's story since he's fatal fury's new protagonist and the successor of Terry. Plus fatal fury city of the wolves is supposed to be the continuation of rock's story and legacy after garou mark of the wolves 2 years before city of the wolves pretty much like how Terry's story was played out in games and ovas same goes for rock though what would be nice if snk makes fatal fury ovas based on rock's story just like how they did with Terry. But all honestly I'm just so glad hotaru's back finally in 3D when hearing her voice from the teaser trailer after being canonically absent for 26 years since garou mark of the wolves

  5. The characters that I want and are not in your list are the Jin Brothers, see the two creepy kids as adults with better comportament after being trained by new masters (Chonrei by Tung Fu Rue and Chonshu by Kim Kaphwan.) and with new moves that they learned from those masters wold be awesome. I wold be happy with just one of them.

    I also want Li XiangFei, but not as much, I just like her.

    Character that I don't want to see and is not in your list: Grant.

  6. Awesome List, definitely want to see Rick Strowd make a Comeback in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, I hardly ever touched the Series, but FF:COTW will become my very 1st Game in the entire Franchise other than KOF and SamSho.

  7. I would so want Rick Strowd to return. He’s the only one Fatal Fury character who actually stands out the most apart from Terry and Rock and also he hasn’t made any appearances in KOF as of today which is disappointing to say the least.


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