Xiaomi's New Cyborg Has A Peculiar Problem

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00:00 Do you like robots Will?
05:56 Delivery bot in action
08:20 Insane Russian rocket launching robot
10:20 Slime robot that lives inside
12:25 EV credits
15:47 Insane Polestar 6
18:51 Dodge Challenger EV
27:47 Ad
31:18 Tesla Superchargers open up
35:03 Physical buttons vs touchscreen on cars
40:17 American Airlines BIG purchase
46:06 Kanye West Yeezy garbage bag controversy
50:30 Zellers return

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45 thoughts on “Xiaomi's New Cyborg Has A Peculiar Problem”

  1. Shame Honda threw in the towel with Asimo. Given the current state of humanoid robotics, I'm sure they could make a comeback today and still be in the top 10. But I guess that doesn't mean much in such a small field😅

  2. Those rocket launchers can be 2 stage launchers, where the 1st stage is very mild and not so hot and the 2nd stage takes over a second later. If the dog can paint the target with the laser, then we're having this conversation.

  3. I thought one of the advantages of the rocket launcher was that it doesn't have recall. The power comes from the rocket firing through the back of the launcher rather than pushing off of the launcher.

  4. nonono… original one – "Peter Gabriel – My Body Is a Cage" is so much superior!!! Specially the "volume", all the "dimensions" of his voice. These qualities are just different level in favor of Peter.

  5. 22:56 I read a bit of an article about EVs and Visual Impairment. Being visually Impaired myself, this is a huge concern for me. The article stated that legislations were being made so that an EV has to have a sound, and that Porsche were testing out sounds for their EV with Visual Impairment in mind as a result. If I were to see this going past, I'd hear it as well. Whereas a tesla, I can't hear as well as a standard car.

  6. in the near future, the idea that cars would make any significant noise will seems weird. That Hellcat is fun, but it’s aimed at people living in the past. in the same way that some cities charge people to drive in polluting cars, i think that will extend to sound levels too.

  7. buttons in cars make sense when you are in direct control of the car in real-time. Screens are better for non real-time. in a car that’s driving itself the screen controls makes sense but not for 2022 driving. i’m all for screens but it does seem odd to have so many tasks on the screens

  8. Is that physical button vs touch screen study even legit though? Most drivers have physical buttons right now, so these results make sense that speed for physical buttons win out. I was slow on my touch screen Model Y at first too but after a year I can do mostly everything very quick!


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