Ward 10 Minneapolis City Council Rhubarb

Bill Glahn from he Center of the American Experiment joined Garage Logic on 5/16/23. For the full interview, visit garagelogic.com. In this portion, Bill and the crew discuss the “rhubarb” from Ward 10 this past weekend in Minneapolis.

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1 thought on “Ward 10 Minneapolis City Council Rhubarb”

  1. A neighbor of mine was there. Part of the problem was that the dems really love to have super complex procedural crap and a lot of the war same people had no experience with it. Also they wadnted to do 7 different ballots when they only had two candidates. Both candidates really suck. Chungtai is one of those pro-crime communists. Warsame doesn’t know or understand anything about issues within the district and doesn’t seem to care either.


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