Trisha Paytas Posts To OF And Thinks It's Private | She Did Not Read The Terms Of Service

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The Podcast
In this video, Trisha Paytas posts to OF and thinks it’s private. She did not read the terms of service.

Trisha Paytas is an famous YouTube personality who is well-known for her hilarious vlogs and for her feud with Hannah Hart. Recently, Trisha Paytas posted a video to her official YouTube channel that has since been deleted. However, before it was deleted, Trisha posted the video to her private channel, which is not accessible to the public.

In this video, we discuss the consequences of Trisha Paytas posting her video to her private channel to the public, without first reading the terms of service. By posting her video to her private channel,


27 thoughts on “Trisha Paytas Posts To OF And Thinks It's Private | She Did Not Read The Terms Of Service”

  1. Totally agree that it's not revenge porn to re-post things she put out herself! I don't understand how she can even come online and fake cry about all of this! If I were her, I think I'd be more embarrassed to be doing this whole sob storyline than worrying about the porn being leaked from behind the pay wall!

  2. It is revenge porn when it is used as something against you. I had an onlyfans and someone from my work found out and showed it to coworkers to make me “look bad” and that was viewed as revenge porn from my hospitals HR perspective and this person got a write up because what I do off the clock is no one’s business. I have since stopped but that is kinda considered revenge porn.

  3. "YT woman tears" make me puke. Always used to manipulate & gas light & cause brutality. I never feel pity for them (, I guess, because I'm polish & greek) when I see them cry & slobber (trisha style) like a wounded dog. I just feel sick to my stomach & absolutely appalled.

  4. So if you search on her renamed vlog channel Paytas-Hacmon Family Channel, Trisha Paytas has a video from one year ago called "How to keep your OnlyFans content FRESH!" She has posted similar guides and tips since the start of covid when a lot of people lost their jobs. She always made sure to include or share her referral link in case the viewer signed up.

    "The Referral Payout will be 5% of the Referred Creator's Earnings:

    For the first 12 Months of their Account.
    Limited to the first $1 Million Dollars earned by each Referred Creator. This allows Referrers to earn up to $50,000.00 per Referred Creator.
    There are no limitations on the number of Referred Creators or your total Referral Earnings."

    Trisha sold the idea that being being an adult content creator was an easy and fast way to make money. The truth is the average person does not have the same social media traffic. I personally believe she encouraged her young audience to make choices that they could regret when they are older. She took advantage of her young audience and was a digital pimp. The legal age to sign up to OnlyFans is 18.

    Trisha is making a video now about how it's not fair since she is a mother. While I don't think it's fair that people are stealing her content. I don't believe she didn't think it couldn't happen though. She thinks she is immune and like you said she has a short memory so everyone else must too.

  5. What’s so sad is I LOVED to watch Lena the plug soooo much like she was such a damn sweetheart and deserves so much but idk why she showed her kids they had everything before the kids money wise they made good money! They didn’t have to use there child

  6. I, unfortunately, vividly remember seeing a nsfw pic on Twitter of her posing nude by her vehicle with cheeks apart. Toilet paper crumbs and all for the world to see on Twitter!! That She Posted! B what? Go sell it to the newbs who haven’t been visually accosted on a completely free website. Sick of Paytas faux tears and regrets.

  7. I don't think she's ashamed. I also think she's exaggerating with her fake crying; she's either annoyed that her porn was being posted elsewhere because it means she won't be making money from it OR she doesn't want to continue being exposed on reddit for the awful things she has done; as a result, she made out like her porn is being posted all over reddit so they feel sorry for her and stop imo.

  8. I understand her regret now that she’s a mom but I feel like this video. Sounds like she’s almost upset because these people have all those followers and all these things because , she keeps repeating it over and over is she upset because she’s losing money on the videos ?!?! they put up for free, I’m not buying the story. I don’t see real tears she’s pushing really hard. Her face is turning really red, when she wants to shed a tear. I have seen real true people on here cry when they’re devastated , and the way she doesn’t look at the camera and constantly looks everywhere is another sign. She won’t look directly at the camera ,I think this could be a publicity stunt. I’m hoping it’s not, I don’t hate the girl but I don’t know ? But this is my opinion .. I’m not really sure where she’s going with this ? and I agree delete the videos of your child and do not post your child. That would be my biggest fear as a mother, I would never put my children out there if I was famous, that comes with the territory, unfortunately ….

  9. This is the perfect example of someone who had a child and now sees the world differently. This should be shown to every young wanna be famous up and coming influencer. Chances are you will one day looks back and feel a certain type of way about your old content

  10. On frienemies trisha said Moses was always on redit. Maybe he's pissed cuz now they have a daughter and this is about him feeling for the kid and taking it out on trisha

  11. Having content from onlyfans outside of the website is ilegal, and it’s not ok tho. Your page is public but people can’t get the posts out somewhere else. Of course, the business has it’s flaws and you have to know how it is and protect yourself as much as possible. Trisha being this famous…it’s very unlikely people that hate her wont try this on her (which isn’t ok) buttttt you know how it is…


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