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“Welcome to our meditation music channel @lovetostaycomposed where you can experience deep relaxation and healing with our 3 hour album of meditative, ambient music featuring natural sounds and affirmative healing vibrations. Our expertly crafted compositions, infused with the energy of reiki, transport you to a state of peaceful mind and body.

Escape the stresses of daily life and find solace in the soothing melodies and tranquil sounds of nature. Allow the affirmative energy of the music to align and balance your chakras, helping to release any blockages and promoting overall well-being.

Relaxing music triggers changes to the body that in many ways mimic a sleep state. A slower heart rate, slower breathing, and lower blood pressure are all physiological changes that make possible the process of falling asleep and staying asleep. Our music is perfect for use during yoga, meditation, or simply as background music for relaxation. This album is a powerful tool for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The uplifting and rejuvenating vibrations of the music will leave you feeling revitalized and restored.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or new to the practice, this album is sure to elevate your experience and bring you closer to a state of inner peace and harmony. Our music includes subliminal beats, binaural beats, sound of nature, birds, heavy rain pouring, thunderstorm, oceans, beach traditional Christmas, vintage instrumental, 70’s & 80’s rock, jazz, piano, guitar strings, solfeggio’s frequency, slow music, light music, mantras, saxophone, flute, and much more.

We have playlists for different ambience and occasions such as meditation, relaxation, sleep, study ambience, dance, focus, sleep, yoga, restaurant, coffee shop, dinner, café shop, fast food chains, motel, exercise studio, fitness studio, parlor, date, couple dance, proposal, functions, events, working, block sounds, block noises, hypnotherapy, prayer, thinking, mindfulness, calm, relax, soul, body & mind cleansing, peace, therapy, Buddha meditation, subconscious reprogramming, subliminal cleaning and detoxification, aura cleansing and detoxification, illness recovery, Maha mantras, Yantra, Tantric, quiet mind, sooth baby, relax child, relax pets, relax dog, relax cat, reduce stress, lower anxiety, PTSD, ADHD concentration music, white noise for sleep instantly, sleep in 3 minutes, stop insomnia, have a good night’s sleep, sleep fast, sleep deep, insomnia relief, insomnia cure, ambience, spa, massage.

The primary goal of our channel is to seed positivity in your thoughts and your surroundings. Our music is perfect for early morning meditation, yoga relaxation, stress relief, and study. Relax and study or work while listening to our soothing tunes throughout the day to elevate your vibrational energy. Various beautiful natural landscapes will stimulate the senses of peace, relax your mind and boost your immunity. It also helps you to attain spiritual journey and awaken the highest form of yourself as well as connect you to your guardian angel.

Listening to relaxing music will help you to calm down your nervous system, heal your body by activating 7 chakras and nadis in your body, awaken kundalini shakthi and increase focus. Mantras uploaded helps you to remove negative energy and thoughts from your mind as well as from your surrounding. Great music is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance the positivity in our space and keep us mentally healthy. This will help you to heal your inner child by clearing your traumas in your subconscious mind from your childhood.

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