TOP 5 Base Locations for Beginners – Mystery Lake (The Long Dark)

Here are my top 5 home base locations in the Mystery Lake region of The Long Dark. Known as a beginner-friendly region, Mystery Lake is littered with useful structures and a long set of railway tracks splitting the map in half. There are plenty of places to live in this region, but some in particular offer better chances for survival, and comfort.

And with Tales From the Far Territory being released in just a few days, get ready for some exciting new exploration!

|| About The Long Dark ||
The Long Dark is a frigid survival game set in Northern Canada. Having crash landed due to a mysterious geomagnetic storm, you must fight against the cold, thirst, starvation, and the occasional wild animal to stay alive.

0:00 #5 Carter Hydro Dam
0:38 #4 Trailers
1:18 #3 Forestry Lookout
2:01 #2 Trappers Homestead
2:43 #1 Camp Office
3:34 HM Prepper Cache

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23 thoughts on “TOP 5 Base Locations for Beginners – Mystery Lake (The Long Dark)”

  1. I know nothing about these games but you are my son so I watch. This is actually way better for your caveman father to watch then 38 minutes of watching you playing a game. LOLove

  2. Just a few days before the release of the first TLD DLC! If you have any different favourite locations, or are just as excited as me for Tales From the Far Territory, leave a comment down below! :{D

  3. Great video! Adding on a few notes that in the Dam during the aurora there are exposed wires that can light up and zap you. If you put your sleeping bag on them by mistake and go to sleep while an Aurora comes on, pretty sure you get cooked in your sleep. Game over
    Also in the trailers I think they also can get very cold, if your clothing isnt good enough you risk freezing to death if the weather gets bad

  4. Mystery lake camp office is ALWAYS my main base, idc how good the pleasant valley farm is, the camp office is literally centre of mystery lake which is centre of the entire map so it’s positioning on great bear is amazing

  5. Thanks for the great areas you mentioned. I'm starting to get to know more of the maps as I play the survival mode more and more. A lot of deaths, but a lot that I learned. This game is truly a unique experience you can't find elsewhere. A true gem made by Hinterland studios.

  6. Nice options along with your opinions. But i'm a little bit sad that you did not include 3 trailers near logging camp area which have outdoor stove, some deers around, no bear and a lot of sticks which can take number 3 spots in best base in Mystery Lake.

    Also, trapper's cabin might take my number 1 spot personally because the amount of wildlife lurking around that area is abundant. Sometimes 2-4 rabbits can be spotted just behind the cabin. Sometimes 3-4 deers can also spawn near the cabin, sometimes a bear can spawn just to the north and be hunted easily around there, and also sometimes a moose can be hunted down easily too just in front of the cabin. Even though the storage space it provided is smaller compared to Camp Office, the survival chance that you can get just by hunting animals near trapper's cabin might easily surpass Camp Office. Just my personal opinion as an interloper survivalist though.

  7. The debate on whether Camp Office or Trappers Homestead is the best base is constantly debated in the community. There are a couple of additional features for both that are also thrown into the debate.

    Extra Points for Trappers:
    1. Cave to MT right there so easy source of renewable Coal
    2. Rabbit Grove right outside for easy trapping
    3. Moose can spawn nearby

    Extra Points for Camp Office:
    1. Short hike to the cave at lake overlook to wait out Cabin Fever
    2. Easy to find your way back to in a blizzard due to the cable lines
    3. Lake Bear for hunting

  8. Is it possible to base in a bunker. Since there random depending on when you enter the game. I always thought that if you based in one when you left it and then left the game, when you rejioned itd be gone along with all your stuff

  9. omg Carter hydro dam DOES have real bad vibes, I think I only hate the tunnels in blackrock more. Then again, I can't with any and all exposed wires after dying in my 200+ hour save by stepping on some haha
    also to be fair camp office doesn't have a bathroom either 😁

  10. Carter Dam is the central hub of the game, so it's the most convenient place to store loot, especially crafting materials and key tools. It's very fast to retrieve something from the dam when you need it in some other region.


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