The Genius of BIG FUN – Inner City

A deep dive into Inner City’s classic – Big Fun
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16 thoughts on “The Genius of BIG FUN – Inner City”

  1. The string sounds like one of the ensemble or 'orc' ones from the Kawai K1. Possibly some of the notes reversed to give it that odd attack/sharp cut?
    Pretty sure he used an Ensoniq esq-1 on some other stuff but I don't have one to have a noodle on.

  2. Great vid! I remember loving this track and working to "reproduce" the sound as a teenager in the 90's, with limited analog gear and an Atari ST! A sampler was waaaaaay out of my budget…now I realise that was the answer! But I still had (big) fun trying 🙂

  3. Another great track breakdown/how was it made, and one of my all-time favorite tracks. Are the full Ableton project files downloadable on your Patreon page and if so what level of membership are they available on? Also, are you still uploading all of the project files for individual download/purchase as I still only see the original 3?

  4. Absolutely love this! Your continued journey into production is so enlightening, thanks for all your effort. Your new release is excellent and if my life through the mid to late 90's was worth making a movie about, Lark Descending would be the sound track! Good to see all your hard work starting to pay off in so many ways now. (oh yeah, and if you ever get the urge to deconstruct TC1991 or TC1992 Funky Guitar I'd be over the moon mate)


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