The April 15th, 2023 Severe Weather Outbreak – A Meteorologist's Perspective

Live coverage of severe weather on Saturday, April 15th, 2023!

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About me: I’m a degreed meteorologist and climatologist! I work to deliver efficient weather information to you from trusted weather sources and my own atmospheric expertise. My goal is to help you understand current weather events as they happen and how or why they occur, while also shedding light on what to prepare for in your area. In addition to my channel, please also follow your local National Weather Service forecast office to cover all of your weather information needs.

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43 thoughts on “The April 15th, 2023 Severe Weather Outbreak – A Meteorologist's Perspective”

  1. Houston didn't get a drop or a thunder clap….I'm glad. Had enough last week. It actually split on the left side and the right side of Harris County….like gutters in a bowling alley.

  2. Thanks, Andy, watched your livestream from St. Louis City until the power (and internet) went out. Appreciated finding your friendly and familiar face when I went looking online to see who was broadcasting. There were two tornados in Valley Park, MO, so when you were talking about being very concerned when you saw what was going on there (and headed straight for St. Louis City), your instincts were spot on. My power just came back on and I headed here to thank you for streaming tonight! Well done, thank you!

  3. Hi Andy! I’m messaging from Manitoulin Island (big rock in the middle of Lake Huron) Ontario Canada. Thanks for the heads up earlier to the weather that’s coming my way in a few days. Keep up the great work!

  4. We dodged a bullet on this one in bolivar we got the edges of the storms we did get hail it wasn’t large and we got some wind but not hi winds but a few miles north they got the center of the storms and did get the damaging winds and baseball sized hail. A coworker took a time lapse of the storms coming in just before it started hailing and it indeed was doing its best to try to produce a tornado. It was rotating and it was producing shallow funnel clouds then just as quickly it went back up . I hope our luck holds this seems like it’s going to be a bad severe weather spring for us . I really want people to start putting pressure on our so called politicians and get them to make laws making public tornado and severe weather shelters for all cities and towns mandatory. I have seen too many tornadoes wipe out towns this year. At what point does it take before people get fed up with our government for not doing what we need and instead do what makes them richer at our expense. We need politicians to do what is needed not what makes them rich. We need to make them do the right thing. We need public severe weather shelters for people that don’t have them. How many people have to get injured or worse before something gets done.

  5. I was scared but prepared because of andy. I live between Alton and Edwardsville in Bethalto. Many warnings on my phone and it was like a horror movie. Confirmed rotations in my city but Andy helped my family get shelter before the worst happened.

  6. Andy, love your live streams and videos. You're one of the best explainers of weather information, I seem to get it better when you explain it. I enjoyed this stream also because there was lots of time to answer peoples' questions which was cool. It's great that you are so transparent and willing to answer them and tell people about yourself and your background. You're one of the smartest dudes out there, don't let people discount you because of your age. And of course kitty cat footage, especially of the orange color, is always a bonus—AND is a good device to shake off all Losers! 🙂 Best regards from a crazy cat & tornado lady. PS – It stinks that you have to get a PhD to teach – however I think you could do it without the PhD by doing educational videos on topics and they would be so good because you're so good at explaining things.

  7. Was watching you right up until the tornado touchdown in 8th mile from my house. I watch the touchdown and flip semi trucks over crossing Highway 55. How did debris signature with trash going 200 feet into the air at least. Almost flipped my car over. Thanks for the coverage Andy I think everyone was safe was confirmed only a ef1 but did lots of damage.

  8. There was also some strong storms in New York (which was only a general t-storm risk) Huge wind gusts, heavy heavy rain with about pea sized hail. The area I live in hasn’t gotten hail in a couple of years so was pretty surprised when I saw that

  9. Andy, I wanted to let you know that your live stream of the storm headed for St. Louis saved lives. During your broadcast I was able to call friends and family about thirty minutes before the storm hit. They were located in Kirkwood and Affton which are suburbs of St. Louis. A tornado was on the ground in Valley Park which is next to Kirkwood. There was heavy damage at the rec center in Ballwin Missouri. Thanks for the heads up. You were fantastic. All were safe.


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