Such a nice refreshing episode of LOOT with some heaven | Escape from Tarkov Rags to Riches [S6Ep27]

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Episode 27 of Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches! Season 6 has begun and it is time to get down to business starting our Tarkov challenge and get a move on to getting those Riches in Escape from Tarkov. This series of Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches will include ALL kills, items looted, secrets and more. This series test our survival rate and go for the magic survival rate of 75%! I hope you enjoy the first episode gameplay and the whole series! If you find the Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches series entertaining, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe!

Such a nice refreshing episode of LOOT with some heaven | Escape from Tarkov Rags to Riches [S6Ep27]

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25 thoughts on “Such a nice refreshing episode of LOOT with some heaven | Escape from Tarkov Rags to Riches [S6Ep27]”

  1. Idk if it me or what but god I'm dying everytime Halfman is looking for something and he doesn't see it even if is literally on under his nose like Factory key in first rag in 3:30

    No hate my man, still lov'ya, keep going with good content!

  2. I have been packing up a lot of stuff for the move that is in less then a week. It feels very weird to say that but I'm really happy. Also I will be paid for all of the hours of work on Monday or Tuesday. So everything should be fixed
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  3. 00:00 Selling and catch up.
    3:49 Raid 1
    12:54 Raid 2
    36:15 It's low durability though?
    37:24 Both M4 60 round mags are banned from the flea.
    L3 Peacekeeper has barters for both though,
    Magpul PMAG D-60 = 1x Gas mask Filter and 2x Green Battery (but these are 1M₽+ right now)
    SureFire MAG5-60 = 2x PCB and 1x Geiger counter. (but it's 2 ergo worse than the D-60)
    40:55 Raid 3
    51:21 Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…
    1:05:22 Not using his rig in your bag for 8 extra slots?
    Are you building a Christmas tree this year?
    There are some decent crafts on it:
    MULE, SJ1, SJ6, SJ9, Scar-L, 45 Vector.

  4. I haven't played this game in about a year or more. Was always so sluggish. New PC with the I9 11900 and RTX 3060. Might download it again. Still seems kind of sluggish in the streams I've been watching. Including this one. I think I'm probably the worst player ever at this game but it's still fun to watch the pros.

  5. next time, stack those vests in your backpack to squeeze all that loot! Also, tag the dead bodies for the xp…dont have to search anything, just tag em and get 100+ xp every time.

  6. Is there a mowed grass setting? The grass always looks so short. As for the bushes incident early on, I bet they were trying to get unknown key for the 0-10 guy, or just looting like crazy. Edit: I was yelling at screen to get second item for Lend Lease task while in mill.


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