Stranded Alien Dawn EP11 "STARVATION"

Oops, all our survivors run into a major problem near the end of the stream. — Watch live at


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  1. Congrats on so much progress… now you have three males and three females be sure to look for "partnering," and know partners can gain a happiness buff by sharing quarters, and I think that means both beds in the same room…
    I have found no one talking about multi-storied buildings. Maybe there is a way once and if there's an advanced construction research, but idk. On a restart new beginning, idk… I'm thinking you pick them, but not picking more than two of the previous first group, maybe.

  2. Rita starts to starve at 1:42:00 and then the others start joining her. You even say "Starvation!", but then get side tracked by the malfunction of the power switch. I'm really not sure why they stopped eating. I see a lost harvest at 1:26:47 and 1:37:09. Does this mean the food was never gathered so it rotted in the field? Watch the field on the far left at 1:30:45, you can see it disappearing. I think they just stopped gathering food and then there wasn't any food left to cook except raw meat. No meat on the drying rack either.
    At 1:48:14 we can see the assigned tasks. Rita and Zander are the only ones assigned to plant or harvest food. I believe that Zander and Rita have a 3 priority for everything so they aren't exactly rushing to the fields. Rita is the second most busy person after Zander and you just added cooking to her already overbooked schedule while taking it away as the only task Zander doesn't have. I think you didn't have enough people doing the task, and the two you did have didn't have the time to do it. Looking at that chart it is pretty easy to see why Rita kept having breakdowns, you pretty much had her doing everything herself! Every time she did try and do some planting or harvesting in a field you pulled her away to go cut wood, hunt something down, or build something. And so they starved to death.

  3. I think Nova may be worth a try. She is basically an amoral killing machine. Her one drawback is that she can't do any form of research, but she also will never have a breakdown, ever. She is also harder to make happy because of her literal lack of any emotion. She is good at Combat, Healing, and Physical tasks. If you pair Nova with Jack who is a combat expert and has a chance to raise others skill level you have a fighting team that can take down just about anything. Give them each a good weapon and let them loose as your hunters.
    Connor may also be worth a look as a replacement for Jack. With his sniper eye he can shoot ranged weapons twice as fast. He is also a decent cook.
    Rita is still a great choice for her farming talent and excessive happiness, but Laara is the best Farmer in the game doing both harvesting and planting at twice the speed of Rita. She is also 25% faster than everyone at pretty much doing anything.
    Simon is still a good choice, but you may also want to consider Samantha. Both are very intelligent and make good researchers, but Samantha has very high combat stats and a 3X construction speed. Something to consider. Her biggest drawback is that she is a Vegetarian.
    Emelin is a great cook and can make meals that will improve happiness, but that is about the extent of her natural ability. Of the group, she is the least useful, but the one I would hope you find soon to add to the group. Having someone cooking meals constantly is actually an essential part of the game. Someone will need to be a decent cook.

    Nova, Jack/Connor, Rita/Laara, Samantha/Simon

  4. The reason you starved is that the fridge is full of raw food. You left no room for cooked food to be made. You set it up that your fridge was the only place for cooked food to be stored along with all other food. The comfy chair works better in a common room, also I just learned that if you put a chair at a work bench the person gets a small happiness buff and they work a little bit quicker. As to a new start, cool, but I would keep Rita and Simon. Have a Great one!!!

  5. When you have your survivors drafted, don't set animals to be hunted if you want them killed right away. Just right-click to attack.

    "Hunt" is a task the survivors will only do when not drafted.

    Also, if you set a creature to be "observed" and "hunted" at the same time, it's likely to be killed before anyone has time to complete the observation.

    Too bad you didn't research "Neighbourhood Hamburger Restaurant" in time… 😉

    I suspect you were having trouble with your harvest because your fields were so large. Your crew are unable to harvest them in time.

    In your next run, maybe try making smaller crop fields, and add more if the ones you have are not enough.

  6. This made me so sad! You had a good attitude about the ending. I noticed that you had Rita tasked with 10 jobs, and that is why she didn't have time to replant. Not sure if the other survivors tasks were as many as Rita's, maybe try no more than 5-6 for each one, and then adjust only when necessary. Pulling them off tasks while eating, they don't always seem to eat after. If they are eating, and you want to micro them, let them finish eating first, lol. GG Radioman!!


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