Slaves to Darkness 2022 Battletome Preview

In this video I preview the new Slaves to Darkness battletome and will focus on allegiance abilities, enhancements, sub-allegiance, spells, ensorcelled banners, grand strategies, battle tactics, point changes, core battalions and key warscroll changes.

This battletome was provided to me by Games Workshop at no cost in advance of instore release. I’m under no obligation to do a review or will Games Workshop have any control of what’s in this video.

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00:00:00 – Slaves to Darkness Introduction
00:01:03 – Allegiance Abilities
00:09:00 – Command Traits
00:11:59 – Artefacts
00:16:03 – Spell Lore
00:18:10 – Ensorcelled Banners
00:20:51 – Damned Legions Sub-faction
00:24:37 – Battleline Options
00:25:27 – Grand Strategies & Battle Tactics
00:27:35 – Core Battalions
00:28:30 – Archaon The Everchosen
00:32:04 – Daemon Prince Slaves To Darkness
00:34:10 – Eternus Blade Of The First Prince
00:35:54 – Ogroid Myrmidon & Ogroid Theridons
00:38:29 – Centaurion Marshal & Chaos Legionnaires
00:38:46 – Be’lakor, Gaunt Summoner & Gaunt Summoner On Disc Of Tzeentch
00:41:22 – Chaos Lord, Chaos Lord On Karkadrak & Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount
00:43:59 – Chaos Lord On Manticore, Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore & Chaos Sorcerer Lord
00:46:07 – Darkoath Chieftain, Darkoath Warqueen & Exalted Hero Of Chaos
00:49:38 – Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights & Varanguard
00:53:00 – Chaos Chosen, Chaos Marauders & Chaos Marauders Horsemen
00:56:27 – Chaos Warshrine, Chaos Chariots & Gorebeast Chariots
01:00:05 – Corvus Cabal, The Unmade & Splintered Fang
01:02:05 – Cypher Lords, Scions Of The Flame & Tarantulos Brood
01:03:55 – Spire Tyrants, Iron Golem & Horns Of Hashut
01:05:21 – Untamed Beasts, Godsworn Hunt & Khagra’s Ravagers
01:07:56 – Darkoath Savagers, Fomoriod Crusher & Furies
01:09:13 – Mindstealer Sphiranx, S2d Chaos Spawn & Raptoryx
01:10:52 – Slaughterbrute, Soulgrinder & Mutalith Vortex Beast
01:12:59 – Darkfire Daemonrift, Eightfold Doom-Sigil & Realmscourge Rupture
01:13:13 – Points
01:15:20 – Closing Thoughts
01:17:03 – Patronage Thank You
* Mechanolith by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
* Leaving Home by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:


15 thoughts on “Slaves to Darkness 2022 Battletome Preview”

  1. Thanks Coach, awesome video as always ^^

    Good to know a bit more in depth about what to expect when my friend grabs this limited run army box so he can play the new rules for his army.
    If I didn't already have two armies I would probably look at picking up the army myself, very cool models but is just a bit too similar to an army I already have and variety is king.

  2. I am so glad that they've put A LOT of effort into changing this army. Slaves to Darkness is by far my favourite army and I really enjoyed the last battletome, but I had some gripes. You felt so restricted by your 12" buff bubbles, both from abilities on heroes' warscrolls and your allegience abilities. Now they have moved most of that stuff to the individual units. My warriors being blessed by Nurgle has nothing to do with a Nurgle hero sitting behind them giving them a thumbs up. And most importantly the core part of why most people like Slaves to Darkness (warriors, knights, chosen, big dudes in black plate armor) are the most compelling units rather than just spamming marauders with their silly charge rule. All around great.

  3. With Chaos and Ogres dropping that leaves:
    – Gloomspite
    – Slaanesh (technically)
    – Soulblight (technically)
    – FEC
    – Kharadron
    – Khorne
    – Seraphon
    – Beasts

    With Chaos, I think there is starting to be a bit of a codex creep in comparison to SCE, Orcs, and maybe Nurgle, Idoneth, and Fyreslayers.
    I like the better internal balance of these latest tomes, but they seem to have pretty strong GS and BT, not to mention just better mechanics and very strong external balance (ex: SCE monstrous rampage is a mount trait, you don't just get it automatically; more prevalent 4+ rally, even on durable units like Chaos Warriors — who are strictly better and cheaper than any Stormcast Redeemer except Vanquishers whom they equal in cost but still superior mechanics)



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