Significant storm system to bring tornado threat to the South! Outbreak possible. What we know..

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Hey! thanks for watching! My name is Mitch and I live in Central South Carolina. I started off mainly talking about weather specifically for South Carolina, but have started to expand to the Eastern US. I am not a Meteorologist, I am just a guy that is passionate about weather, and that loves sharing what I know with others! I also love chasing extreme weather. I have a playlist on my channel with numerous chase videos.

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37 thoughts on “Significant storm system to bring tornado threat to the South! Outbreak possible. What we know..”

  1. Checking the soundings on the 18z 3km NAM and 18z GFS models for St. Louis, Missouri which is included in the marginal risk zone, there doesn’t seem to be much if any CAPE to support any significant severe storms. I mean well below 1000 joules. Maybe a heavy rain squall line, and decent shear but the dew points are predicted to be no higher than 54-56 degrees. I’m really hoping and praying this whole system outlook either shrinks in terms areas affected and or shifts further east to southeast. Lord knows I’m absolutely fed up with severe weather this year and am ready for a long break until next season (If I’m still living here)

  2. One thing I know that can play a part in severe weather is how much sun shine you get because May 3rd 2021 we had a lot of sun shine and had a bad storm come through.that knocked a big oak tree down.

  3. Traveling up to Memphis tomorrow from South Louisiana & will be staying in Memphis for the week. Traveling for medical reasons. Hawk-Eyeing ALL of this system. Thank you for the detailed updates.

  4. I'm in Memphis. We've dodged so many bullets over the last year…I always pray for my big trees cause if they're okay chances are I will be. Just hope I'm off work. The shop I work at really has no safe place to hunker down πŸ™

  5. New to your channel. I like you the best!. Ryan Hall is too big, too fast. I think he ascribes to precarious beliefs, imo.
    I've not come across anyone who asks for prayer requests. Good work. Many blessings from God the creator and Jesus Christ His Son!

  6. My older dog passed away on Friday after Thanksgiving Day. I believe he was poisoned by someone on the beach side. There was no Vet on Thanksgiving Day and the Vet didn't come in Friday morning by the time I brought him quickly in to the vet covering he pretty much died in my arms as I ran him up the walk and in the facility. He was 13 and my πŸ’” is broken . Pray for Chewy to have his spirit and soul safely guided to God on God's terms because he may be waiting for me to go with him someday. I know you will know what to πŸ™ pray. He was my service dog who protected me help me from anxiety and such. He went to the Deaf and Blind School because I was getting close to glaucoma the last time I had my vision check my eyes seem to have healed cuz I was a tinch away last time before that the doctor said it was gone with God's Grace. So he pretty much protected me while he was here and I appreciate his unconditional love for 13 years. He saved my life three times. Thank You!

  7. Mitch thanks so much for your prayers because their heard! Besides the MS plus the severe Neuopathty plus other conditions from the Solumedrol to send me into relapse I think you know what I'm talking about. I'm in severe pain all the time but have been much pain than I have now before. I need your Prayers that I can get ahold of Care Givers that words can't describe. I prat for you and yours along with everyone else on here.

  8. Care Givers that give a crap. The Cream of crop are gone so now we're getting the horrid ones. Please pray to our Dear Lord that we get dumped on with Snow. Love Winter and Snow. You respect the weather so you're safe. I pray for you and yours everyday. Keep the great Forecasting Coming.!β™‘

  9. Sorry to bother you again. You guys down South aren't supposed to be getting this weather. I live in NE PA right on I80. Enjoy the Snow because if you don't while shoveling will effect you eventually. We had Snow Ball fights, etc. Bur if you can see the Snow on trees, etc. it's so beautiful! It's one of God's plan no matter what happen but please after a good Snow Storm look around the trees, etc. because the beauty is there. Thanks again Mich those prayers work because I've seen it. Take a break from cleaning up after the Shoveling it's so Beautiful! I'm leaving this now. God Bless all of you!β™‘β™‘

  10. There's a lot of fearmongering going on out there right now. Yes, the necessary ingredients for a severe weather event are there. It looks concerning, but there's no reason to try to panic your average layperson.

  11. Got to watch this last night, but didn't get to comment. Thanks for the heads-up Mitch. Do nothing in fear, Rather do all things in Faith! Faith in GOD; because he is OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT, IMMUTABLE AND IN CONTROL OF ALL. GOD our Father To whom we have direct access because of the self-sacrificing and saving actions of ✝Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha Mashiach✝ our Lord, Savior and Brother.

  12. Thanks for the great explanations in this video on so many different things happening in weather. I would be curious to know why everything shifted so much in predictions literally overnight other than my general understanding that things are very unstable. Either way, prayers for people who are going to be under the gun. Reminds me of what just happened in TX-AK-OK earlier this month on 4-5.


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