REVENGE on MASSIVE Bull Shark! Catch Clean Cook!

**Everything you see in this video was legal and abides by FWC rules and regulations for sharks in Florida!**

Last week we fished the Florida Keys Bridges and kept getting our fish eaten by a huge school of hungry bull sharks! We decided to get revenge on the bridge monsters! As water temperatures cool huge schools of yellow jacks move to shallower water in the Florida Keys and they are followed by a large population of bull sharks. We harvested one bull shark and the most important thing to do when processing any shark is to dispatch, and gut the shark immediately. Sharks essentially pee through their, that is why it is so important to core the animal and get it on ice ASAP. We are very appreciative of this shark and all the meat it provided for our friends and family. We have a sustainable and abundant population of bull sharks in Florida, thanks to our FWC which is our states wildlife program.

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26 thoughts on “REVENGE on MASSIVE Bull Shark! Catch Clean Cook!”

  1. Florida does a lousy job of managing the shark population. They are waaay out of control and just too many of them since they banned commercial fishing for them decades ago.! Florida needs to allow commercial harvesting of sharks. So catch all you can and take them home!!!

  2. My fav way to do shark is to bleed them out immediately before you drag them ashore or in the boat, THEN dispatch them after they bled out. Next gut them right then (don't wait), remove the head and fins (give the iced down fins to your local sushi joint in trade for sushi 😉 ) and then immediately skin them, since they urinate thru their skin and therefore they will continue to do so when they are dead, spoiling the meat. Next quarter them and throw them in a salty ice brine to quickly chill them down until you get them back to the cleaning station. Then go ahead and take that meat you just did, exactly how you fileted and prepped it, except leave it in the whole roast form until you are ready to cook it (which could include refrig it for the next day or so). Then when you are ready to cook them, cut them into 1" thick steaks, bacon wrap the steaks edges (with toothpicks or wooden skewers) and grill on the grill or in a cast iron skillet. Dress the steaks with Kikoman's Teriaki Baste and Glaze a few mins before they come off the grill on both sides. Cook them medium rare and you'll be hooked on sharks for life. IMO sharks are not that good fried. Also, if you don't follow my processing I mention, you'll not be too impress with eating shark. Black Tips are best and I hear nurse sharks are good, but bulls also work.


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