Rally Driver Ken Block Dies In Snowmobile Accident

Rally Driver Ken Block Dies In Snowmobile Accident. news
Ken Block, Automotive Daredevil and Legend, Dies in Snowmobile Accident

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The rally driver’s Hoonigans social media posted this evening that Block died while snowmobiling today.
The American Rally Association also shared condolences on Instagram. Block’s wife Lucy posted a photo of 43, Block’s famous racing number, to her Instagram account.

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office posted to social media that Block was “riding a snowmobile on a steep slope when the snowmobile upended, landing on top of him.

He was pronounced deceased at the scene.” The Sheriff’s Office also shared that Block was alone at the time, but had been riding with a group.


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  1. Does anyone know the exact story like did the sled die and he froze or did he get into an accident somehow I ride snowmobiles a lot and this is kind of worrying it makes you realize how simple it is to die whether you are the best driver out there or not it takes 1 second for something to happen

  2. الله يرحمه….. قدم لنا الكثير من المتعة والذهول والاستعراضات الرائعة… بطل حقيقي لن ننسى الحماس الذي اشعله بداخلنا


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