[PoE 3.19] Redditor Wrote a 70 Page Feedback Post for GGG and I READ EVERY SINGLE LAST WORD

I go over a 70-page manifesto from a redditor that had some very valid points.

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/x8bo8o/ive_spend_almost_2_days_writing_this_feedback_for/

0:00 – Intro
2:56 – Loot and Archnemesis
8:00 -Harvest
11:05 – Lake of Kalandra
14:33 – Defense and Balance
17:57 – Crafting in 3.19
19:48 – Final Thoughts

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49 thoughts on “[PoE 3.19] Redditor Wrote a 70 Page Feedback Post for GGG and I READ EVERY SINGLE LAST WORD”

  1. I think one of the bad thing about AN mod implementation is heavily tied to how bad AN mechanics was in the AN league

    Back in AN league where AN is tied to certain rewards, people just do a set of specific AN monster for drops (like the formula for currency only). This leaves the whole AN mechanics (or 95% of them) untouched since some combinations of mod had never been made in AN league (since the reward are not attractive). When the devs are so stubborn about putting the whole AN in the general base game content, they faced the combinations which nobody ever created and hence has absolutely 0 idea of how bad some combos can make one rare monster extremely difficult, without providing suitable reward.

    Banning some certain combinations could potentially solved the problem but will be very time consuming, and with the numbers suggested I doubt will it be ever possible. Scaling the numbers wont help at all. Imagine having executioner and mana siphon on a monster. No numbers will save that, not even limited 2 mods on monster, as this combo only needs 2 mods

    Edit: typo

  2. Love yer content. No knocking anyone specifically… the league is dead, I aint even watching run videos, i want nothing to do with GGG until next league and the league announcement video is out.

  3. Chris will read his comment of "Too many Archnemesis modifer combinations lead to extremly unfair experiences." and respond "Just get good." Didnt Chris say somewhere that GGG dont care if someone comes up with the best idea ever that they wont use it?

  4. I'm totally on board with most issues with GGG's "vision", and the original implimentation of AN sucked. Although I hate the loot changes, I think the build diversity issue is so overblown that GGG find it hard to take the community seriously. I wouldn't honestly believe more than 5% of the playerbase actually try anything new themselves. I understand why, but the meta has more to do with the knowledge funnel from youtube/twitch. I'm doing all content right now with a skill that has 0.1% use currently – and it's a build that people swore was already dead well before shaco got nerfed and the "only way to build it" was taken away.

    While I want to see the loot changes reverted, I'd rather see GGG head down the path of actually incentivizing people to develop builds. How? Anything – monthly community competitions (cant win more than once etc), build spotlights from devs – god knows, thats not my job. But if the community keeps up this kind of false narrative that so many builds aren't viable when GGG can LITERALLY SEE THAT 90+% OF THE PLAYERBASE HAVENT' TRIED ANY OF THEM I don't think they will even begin to take it seriously.

    I do think tonnes of skills need reworks – I just don't think anywhere near as many skills/builds are unviable as people say, and I know GGG have the data to refute any claim that "we all know from experience 95% of skills are bad".

  5. The dude who wrote this needs to stop playing. If your that messed up about a video game that you spend that long crying in reddit, you need therapy. People on reddit live with such an unhealthy obsession with a video game…like they truly do not know about life outside of poe.

  6. I play Poe for sometimes , for recent game experience , I have to force myself focus more on defenses , I have 87 max chaos resist , with the help of elemental damage convert to chaos, 32k armor , 4.7 hp, with the help of flasks , sometimes I still can get 1 shot kill in t15 map , really have no idea how the mobs spawn, and what kill me

  7. If the Reforge was super expensive only the uber rich could afford it. Before any casual could have had a shot at obtaining one. Gating it behind high currency prices is basically saying some for me but not for thee from the rich.

  8. Also why GGG always fks up their nerfs: they hardly ever nerf by just one level. Almost always their nerfs are quadrupling with other nerfs they do, ending up being a nerf to the power of 4-6, which makes the results unnecessarily complicated and needlessly hard to predict. They probably should learn to use the PoB community fork themselves to see the consequences.

  9. Archnemesis makes it so monster type doesn't matter outside of its base movement speed, movement skills or some offensive skills (flicker strike, etc). A 7-essenced, 4-archnem, 2-ghosted zombie is nothing compared to a Chaosweaver+Echoist spider with flicker strike. That's another thing that spikes difficulty up for a dumb reason. What's the most counterintuitive is having a clearly fiery monster put freezes and 30% chills on you because it got one of the cold mods. And that's on top of all the other debuffs you can't get rid of. You can be immune/resitant/have reduced effect of curses on you, but what about exposures and those weird generic "You have reduced X resistance"? Maybe I'm only noticing it now because of focusing on essences, since it's the only crafting way I don't feel like I'm being horribly ripped-off by using it.

    I have this weird style of playing on SSF that I sometimes do – randomizing which one of the 7 characters I'm gonna play, pick up the starting gem and never use basic vendors to buy items (including gems), or quest rewards apart from uniques and skill points. Just because of the content/drop-only gem limit this already makes it feel like I'm playing a game with much more progression, while having to adapt to what you get. But with the recent changes it's too punishing 😐

  10. I understand that they are trying to make POE harder, more challenging, which is fine, but they have to understand that no matter how hard they nerf builds and items, crafting, etc, they can't never nerf the accumulated knowledge that players have, so, at some point that difficulty curve just turns the game into an obnoxious shit show, which is the point that Alk made when he quit the league "i have to work 3x more, to get less than i used to get, and that's not fun", and that's the problem right there, i don't think they know or care about the fine balance between, fun and challenging versus boring/grindy and obnoxious.

    At any rate, good video as always. Cheers.

  11. "That would be way too powerful"

    See, this is what I hate, I was endorsed to PoE because of its Power Fantasy, its Build Diversity, the PLAY WHAT YOU WANT system


    fuck that shit, I AM OUT

  12. Yeah. Targetted annuls are powerful. They are also the only way to allow crafting steps that won't BRICK your item, which is neccessary for low income players to engage in crafting.

  13. Every video you post screams "game is complete garbage, no reason to play" while also screaming how fucking weird, addicted and pathetic this community is to keep trying to look for solutions that would fix problems that GGG wanted to create. This is their game, their "vision" Reddit posts, 70 page complaints with suggestions wont change shit. STOP PLAYING THE GAME. STOP BUYING SUPPORTER PACKS AND MTX. That will fix the game.

  14. I read the full 70 pages. Not gonna lie, there are a lot of truths in those 70 pages. It ain't perfect but if they replaced Chris's Vision with this guys Vision we'd see a hell of a lot further.

  15. what about (admittedly revolutionary change) is to introduce soulbinding for gear upon certain operations (making it untradeable) and/or decaying (making it limited in uses before being destroyed); this would open up a lot of design space for power creep that would not impact economy because the items would be removed from it; this in turn could be applied to harvest so that powerful (and expensive) crafts could be re-added there without negatively affecting economy

  16. I think the Arch nem solution should be to tier the modifiers and let them be unique, so Storm Weaver is t1 and Stormstrider is t2 as an example, if a mob rolls Stormweaver, it cant roll Stormstrider on top etc. Means you can have alot of mods, but the amount of modifier combinations are lower. Then you can limit certain amount of tiers of mods on a mob, so only 1x t3 mod etc.
    This also means GGG can change those Map boss/unique map/rare mob nodes on the Atlas tree to be Arch nem nodes that changes some of those things, so you can customize how strong your Arch nem mods are

  17. I just want the game to be fun. Why is everything nerfed all the time. Why am I forced into playing a certain way in a game like Path Of Exile of all things? Determination is a prime example. Shits practically compulsory near the endgame and I fucking hate it.

  18. Seems very well thought out. And like you, I don't agree with all his ideas, but some of them are great. I feel defensive layers in this game are so important now and that is probably one of the most confusing things to any newer player who has decent gear, 5.5k life and 75 all res. And they're still getting one shot every other map once into yellow maps. They don't realize you also need a ton of spell suppression, some way to greatly mitigate phys damage, oh and good luck capping Chaos resistance or even getting it much above zero.

    The other thing you mentioned that I still don't understand is – why the fuck GGG won't buff some of these skills that are never used?? If something if bad mechanically like Chain Hook; shouldn't it have a fuck load of damage to compensate? So players feel like "well the skill kind of sucks but it's great for doing 'x' content". I think that's something they could easily have a 3 person team address.

    Lastly, I know they're putting most of their resources into PoE2. I wish they'd just come out and say " Hey guys, the next few leagues aren't going to be A+ because we are dedicating so much to PoE2 being amazing. We'll still make the leagues as fun as interesting as we can, but they might not be as big or in depth as usual". The community would likely be much more forgiving if they were transparent as that.

  19. i said this when they introduced arch nemesis, that their excuse of facilitating for players to recognize elites was BS. there are what? 5 lightning based AN? how the hell are you expected to not only know, but also recognize which one it is?

    it made no sense back then, and it still makes no sense now.

    i also agree with some people that, they should make AN mods be cathegorized into offensive, defensive and support.
    that way, they could keep 3 of each elemental mod. same for other things, there's no need for so many AN.

  20. 4:20
    So we gonna be opening maps and then swapping gear/character to run them now? We've really gotta let go of the MF mechanic.
    Difficulty vs Reward is broken. It feel's like difficulty scaling is exponential while reward scaling logarithmic aka "diminishing returns."

    18:20 What they COULD do is do ilvl Tier lock drop or whatever he's saying thing BUT increase the value range of that tier. Especially if they're going to Quadruple down on the Divine-Ex swap. On the Other Hand it feels like the majority of workable builds nowadays barely use rares if at all anyways so it's probably still not even going to matter very much anyways.

  21. If GGG is going to scale defensive requirements via gear to the extent that builds can’t fit offense, then they need to scale offense on something other than gear, like boosting base damage of gems, for example

  22. Archnemesis has singlehandedly undermined the entire game. They balanced all this loot directly caused by archnemesis. Archnemesis gotta go. The game would be better off without it as they are balancing loot around that stupid mechanic alone. Not to mention all the stupid defences/resists overstacking on archnemesis


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