Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is a wonderful indie blending of Fire Emblem and Ogre Battle/Unicorn Overlord. I binged it on release, and on today’s episode of the Saturday Strategy Spotlight, we’re discussing WHY it’s so good.

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34 thoughts on “PLAY THIS IF YOU LOVE UNICORN OVERLORD | Symphony of War”

  1. Hell yes! I like Symphony of War a *lot*. It's well written, the art is great, the music is great, the mechanics and mission design are very solid–heck, it's even impressive on a technical level. (I'm 99% sure this game is built in the RPG Maker engine.)

  2. Symphony of War is actually quite a bit better than Unicorn Overlord, I would go as far as to say significantly so. UO has a lot of top tier waifus, but the gameplay and depth of SoW is so much deeper. Larger squads make it feel like true large scale warfare that only a few UO missions have, and it really lets you just go nuts forming as many deathball squads as you want.

  3. I played symphony of war a few months before unicorn overlord came out and it's really good. Probably why im burning out on Unicorn Overlord around Albion. For me i enjoy tactics games but i burn out on them, i can usually only play one or two a year. Im looking forward to more recommendations but it'll probably be several months before i can enjoy them

  4. For other games to look at.
    FFT-style: Fell seal Arbiters Mark
    FE-Style: Banner of the Maid (FE in a French Revolution/Napoleonic War setting)
    Also If you can find it The Last Remnant.
    Or something a bit older similar to Advanced Wars: Battle Isle 3.

  5. The writing is atrocious tho, it really ruins the whole experience. you can really see the devs' libertarianism bleed through.

    I'm still not over them complaining about "the central government" in medieval times smdh

  6. I've had this game on my wishlist for a long time now. Maybe this is the push I need to take the plunge.
    As for other tactics games, check out Vanguard Bandits for the PS1 if you haven't already. Not many people know it, but everyone I've hear talking about it do so fondly and it was my favorite tactical RPG before UO rocked my socks off.

  7. Aww I hope the dev sees this! Followed this game rather closely at launch and had quite a bit of fun with my time with it, and the dev streamed a lot and is super chill, along with his engine guru buddy.

    I think this game primed me for being so ready to love Unicorn Overlord. And if you’ve not seen yet, Dancing Dragon’s right in the middle of making Symphony of War 2!

  8. @TitaniumLegman You should try and play Dream Tactics – it's another incredible Indie SRPG, with unique card based progression. It's got phenomenal customization, fun characters, and awesome music too!

  9. valkyria chronicles 1/4, or anything from the series to ahead light on the vita games. Please I love these games and am so sad to see the franchise die off like this.


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