Pastor Gets Cop Sued After Having Innocent Man Arrested

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33 thoughts on “Pastor Gets Cop Sued After Having Innocent Man Arrested”

  1. Ouch, I've been to that jail before unfortunately. I have no scope of any other jail since it was the only time i was ever arrested but the downtown chattanooga jail was shut down acouple years ago for being really bad. I was put in a cell that had feceases written on the walls, 10 people in one cell. 200 people held in 15ish cells, it took 9 hours for them to process my paper work and be released after seeing the magistrate. In 12 hours i was fed once, but the food being so bad I just chose not to eat it. The hamilton country sheriffs department took me to jail over a call for help for my girlfriend, she had drank to much and when i came home she was breathing shallow and unresponsive i took her pulse and it was 35 bpm. She told me she didin't wanna talk to them and i lied for her saying she doesn't live here. Anyways they thought i was beating her despite having nothing wrong with her and her obviously denying it. They brought me in on that charge to "keep her safe" i could hear them talking about it outside the police cruiser.

  2. This cop is not only arrogant (big surprise there), he doesn’t know the law! He has no Reasonable Articulate Suspicion that this man, standing on a public sidewalk, has, or is about to, commit a crime. As a Canadian, one of my biggest disappointment is how police and citizens in general trample people Constitutional Rights in so many of these videos!

  3. I smell a lawsuit due to the ignorance of a idiotic cop! To me, the fact that the cop is a member of the Church, should result in him being fired or, at the very least, put on suspension for religious bigotry.

  4. My respect to this guy for bringing his own lawsuit. I just hope he has the tenacity to stick with it because courts hate pro se litigants. Would probably been better to have began in state court so he could have included the paster and possibly the church in the suit. Good luck guy, I hope you wear them out.

  5. How the hell that guy gunna say "I respect your point of view" yet when the other guy speaks back the so called pastor gets angry and touches his equipment! YOU should know doesn't matter who u are!! Don't TOUCH MY SHYT!

  6. Funny how that one pastor got violent with the guy with the sign showing major hypocrisy…. As usual. People are "men of God" and was chosen by god yet they still get violent with people.

  7. So, this shows me if your not in a gang in America you get the gang members to lock you up or beat you up. The bent cop is in the church, so he acts on behalf of the church and not the law. Bent coppers everywhere in America

  8. the fact that they can stand on "public property" outside an clinic preaching their "values" to people but then feel offended that someone would have the audacity to do the same outside their church is so funny to me

  9. if these public servants and pastors or business owners etc. would not get all worked up, they would stop being targeted. Just respect and uphold people's constitutional rights and honor your Oaths and you will be too uneventful to be targeted.

  10. Thank God this cop didn't unlawfully arrest this man, for standing on a public sidewalk. Oh, wait, that's exactly what this Dummy did. Stupid is stupid does

  11. You should always judge a tree by its fruit. Is this what Christians should do? Which god are these people worshiping?

    “The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?”
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭9‬:‭24‬ ‭KJVAAE‬‬


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