Overwatch 2 Mythbusters – JUNKER QUEEN Edition

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0:00 – Intro
1:30 – 1) Can Junker Queen pull enemies further if she’s at a higher elevation?
1:53 – 2) Can Junker Queen pull enemies further if she’s at a lower elevation?
2:04 – 3) Does Jagged Blade get eaten by D.Va’s Defense Matrix?
2:14 – 4) Can Jagged Blade stuck onto Zarya herself be pulled with Bubble up?
2:25 – 5) Can Jagged Blade restick onto Zarya after being stuck on her bubble?
2:39 – 6) Does the Jagged Blade stuck on a Zarya Bubble re-stick onto another target?
3:08 – 7) Does Jagged Blade fall if stuck on a Reinhardt or Sigma barrier and stick another target?
3:34 – 8) Can you pull Doomfist’s Rocket Punch with Jagged Blade?
3:49 – 9) Can you pull Doomfist’s Seismic Slam with Jagged Blade?
3:59 – 10) Can you pull Junker Queen’s Rampage ultimate with Jagged Blade?
4:11 – 11) Can you pull Reinhardt’s Charge with Jagged Blade?
4:26 – 12) Can you pull Roadhog’s Hook with Jagged Blade?
4:43 – 13) Can you pull Winston’s Jump Pack leap with Jagged Blade?
4:57 – 14) Does Jagged Blade get absorbed by Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp?
5:08 – 15) Can Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade go through Genji’s Deflect?
5:18 – 16) Can Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade melee go through Genji’s Deflect?
5:27 – 17) Can Jagged Blade go through Genji Deflect’s during its recall?
5:38 – 18) Can Junker Queen’s Carnage axe go through Genji Deflect?
5:50 – 19) Can Genji Deflect Junker Queen’s Rampage DOT damage?
6:03 – 20) Can Jagged Blade pull a Mei in Cryo-Freeze?
6:17 – 21) Can Jagged Blade pull a Reaper in Wraith Form?
6:43 – 22) Can Jagged Blade pull a translocating Sombra?
7:00 – 23) Can Jagged Blade pull a recalling Tracer?
7:19 – 24) Can Jagged Blade pull a fading Moira?
7:40 – 25) Can Jagged Blade get amped through Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix ultimate?
7:53 – 26) Does Lucio’s Speed Boost stack with Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout?
8:06 – 27) Will Lucio’s Speed Boost allow Junker Queen’s Rampage ultimate to go farther?
8:28 – 28) Can Jagged Blade pull Zenyatta in Transcendence?
8:40 – 29) Can Jagged Blade pull through Widowmaker’s Grapple?
8:50 – 30) Can Junker Queen’s Rampage go through Symmetra’s Teleporter?

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26 thoughts on “Overwatch 2 Mythbusters – JUNKER QUEEN Edition”

  1. Pretty sure the reason the high ground pull is higher is because the distance between is also higher. The test should have been made by going backwards the lower is tested.

  2. Imo, the blade acts like a meele attack,since it doesn't get absorbed/deflected like a projectile would (And it getting stuck on shields makes me think that shields act like a wall for the blade)

  3. For everyone that asks why junker queen's knife can pierce through sigma and d.va's absorbing i think that's because she use that knife as a melee, i know that reaper has an infinite load of guns everytime he reloads but that would be unrealistic that she pulls infinite knives out of nowhere, i dont know if that's an example because i dont know about it, but i dont think that orisa's javelin can get eaten too

  4. character is more busted than v1 brig. also why are all the new characters getting so many abilities meanwhile all the originals are still stuck with nothing. think im just done with OW

  5. The most burnign question I have is whether the bleed stacks, because I have seen gameplay (don't have access to beta, and I'm not paying for it) where it looks like it does and that different abilities give different amounts of bleed (Jagged blade, melee, Carnage and Rampage)

  6. Great content fr! For Zens ult, do you get more pull distance if you pull from the side rather than front facing? Or I guess just characters in general lol


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