On Show – Boot Dusseldorf 2024 – Winners & Other Cool Yachts

It’s the biggest indoor boat show in the world and marks the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere season. Seventeen halls full of everything that floats, it’s also where the European Yacht of the Year awards are announced, the Oscars of the boating world. And that’s where Matt Sheahan starts as he trawls the halls in search of the 2024 winners and talks to the people behind them.
Boot Dusseldorf is as rich in news, views and announcements as it is in physical boats on display, so as always there was as much to talk about as there was to see. Plus, Matt declares his boat of the show.

0:42 Arcona 50
4:30 Bavaria C46
5:14 Outremer 52
5:54 Saffier Se24 Lite
11:08 Flaar 24
11:35 Sunbeam 29.1
12:11 Speedster 26
12:47 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 350
13:26 ClubSwan 28 & 43
13:51 X-Yachts XR
17:56 Wauquiez 55
18:17 Dufour 44
18:50 Hallberg Rassy 69

Outremer 52 – On Test


25 thoughts on “On Show – Boot Dusseldorf 2024 – Winners & Other Cool Yachts”

  1. i think yacht designs on the outside are brilliant but when you go inside it just boring wood finishes with badly designed spaces , and 5 million for that rubbish looking yacht no way if someone pays that then they a fool

  2. What does everyone think of the highly dangerous mainsheet position on the Arcona 50? No way is that thing a "blue water" boat, whatever that means. Plus the full width of the cockpit to fall across when heeled. What utter nonsense.

  3. VERY interested in Magnus’ comment about preferring in-mast to in-boom furling. You would think in-boom would give you lower CoG and easier ‘detangling’ should anything go wrong. It also allows for horizontal battens, so does anyone understand the ‘in-mast’ over ‘in-boom’ comment? I am SURE there is very good reason, I’m just keen to understand it 😊


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