New Negative is NASTY! | This Deck is a Freakin BLAST | Sage Review | Marvel Snap

Sage Arives!

MARVEL SNAP Deck – New Negative – Cozy Snap

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00:0000:21 Intro
00:2101:05 Who is Sage?
01:0501:25 The Card
01:2502:45 Star Ratings
02:4502:58 Hold-off
02:5804:03 MVPs
04:0304:59 Synergies
04:5908:38 New Negitive Deck
08:3809:02 Get Ready For The Negitive Games


26 thoughts on “New Negative is NASTY! | This Deck is a Freakin BLAST | Sage Review | Marvel Snap”

  1. Thanks for the video and the deck.

    I like the character and her powers (she does need more attention from Marvel), but I'll probably hold off on getting her.

  2. How is this card not just a worse wolfsbane?? Just insult to injury for decks that already work hard. Payoff is barely above a premium 3/5… Welcome to the era of fodder and power creep.

  3. Got her in one key, I initially thought she was coming out with havok (another card I want) but I guess I’ll wait till havok, Sasquatch week and the Tacoma variant looks good. So I’ll be looking forward to that week and then I’ll probably be saving my keys for the rest of the upcoming months.

  4. Honestly Leech as a card is very lazy design. Buffing that and making it popular is an even lazier approach to balance out Hela. If Hela is the problem, then adress Hela, and not ruin the fun for every other deck.


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