My HONEST thoughts on Ubisoft Forward 2024! Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin's Creed Shadows!

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The Ubisoft Forward 2024 is a wrap, and it brought a ton of new gameplay for the pair of open world games coming later this year: Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin’s Creed Shadows. Plus, Ubisoft revealed Anno 117: Pax Romana and told us the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake is coming in 2026. Read on to learn about everything that happened during the event.


42 thoughts on “My HONEST thoughts on Ubisoft Forward 2024! Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin's Creed Shadows!”

  1. Star wars outlaws looks weird but also looks fun. I'll pick it up and give it a wirl like the other star wars games. If I'm not a fan on the shelf it will go with the other 2 games.

  2. I don’t care about historical accuracy. I just care about the gameplay and it looks way fun for both games. if I want a history lesson I’ll just read a book. Games and movies are not meant to be historically accurate . they are meant for entertainment and I believe both of these games will be entertaining.

  3. can you please just go away now?

    You've already been called out for being a grifter by someone far more notable than you

    You DELETED your Tweet about the Xbox showcase being a 4/10

    You say you "have thoughts" on the showcase. Then in your comment to this video you say… "Xbox still wins BIG TIME but I enjoyed this show more than I thought I would!"

    Completely glossed over/Didnt care that a HORIZON game is going day/date to the SWITCH… yet not the PS4… You love getting cucked dont ya… dont ya? 😉

  4. all they had to do is put a Japanese samurai and everyone would be on board, but they chose to put a black samurai and now they are surprised, intentional controversy and surprised backlash…

  5. Some interest in Outlaws, but will not buy it at launch.

    No interest in AC Shadows. I am one of those guys who thinks it's sacrilege there is some giant black dude walking around in feudal Japan killing people when all records point to that this didn't happen.

    And then the rest of it was just DLC and far off games. It was a six, maybe 6.5.

  6. To me what I liked most about all if them is that they showed me games I actually can and want to play(silent hill 2 and astro boy at the state of play, star wars outlaws and ac shadows at the ubisoft forward and doom at the xbox showcase all coming to playstation day one among others and I love that being about games first 😎👌)I even liked the smaller indie stuff and added a bunch of it to my wishlist. I also want alan wake 2 now that it is getting a physical ultimate edition 👏 finally everyone in gaming seems to be on the same page.

  7. Hating a game just because a black character is in it…one who actually existed is insane. I dont care how you try to justify yourself. You are insane. You even got people who are going out of their way to call him a slave. Like its very important to them that this character have the title of slave. Its insane and pathetic.

  8. It wasnt decent, it was mid or less than mid at best. No splinter cell no Ghost Recon although POP remake is 2026 which is nice to see as a big nostalgia fan of OG POP

  9. Hey bud can I suggest you do some more tier list videos about Xbox 1st Gen, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, maybe your top games from either of those consoles that you think IP wise etc should get a remake?

  10. Don’t care about Star Wars at all.
    Don’t care about Yusuke because it has all been done before.
    The Ninja stealth action in Assassin’s Creed Shadows looks fantastic. I will buy it when there is a sale because the price is ridiculous to pay for just half the game.


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