MOMMY MEGHAN TO THE RESCUE FOR BABY HARRY? #meghanandharry #royal #news



48 thoughts on “MOMMY MEGHAN TO THE RESCUE FOR BABY HARRY? #meghanandharry #royal #news”

  1. She told all three husbands they were the family she never had….
    $200k to tell how the flight was, ditto for where they stayed, $500k for what it was like on the balcony, $1m for who said what around them who looked at them who spoke to them who didn't speak to them. $20m to put that into a book. Pretty lucrative if they can worm their way back for just one event.

  2. There is no way that a King of a country , even this one, will stand on a palace balcony, next to the very person who wishes his imminent demise. Son or not, the traitor will not be there. It would send out the message that all is good with hapless Hawwy, that he is back in the fold and that he supports him. Meanwhile on planet Earth, the reality is that the future King will definitely not allow him anywhere near😊

  3. Unfortunately Neil, I have so little trust in MM’s motives here, based on her past history. She’s coming across as a loving, very kind, compassionate and empathic wife isn’t she!!!
    Yet, one has to say, DO, or even CAN a Leopard actually change its spots??? I can’t help but consider what would be her desired goal for such behaviour. Somehow I can’t see its Harry’s best interests, can anybody else???
    New Zealand

  4. Not a chance in my opinion. Someone should tell that woman that the private Birthday celebrations will be in November, Trooping of the colour is an official public celebration and neither of them need to show their faces.🇬🇧

  5. They have finally realised that wiith out the RF connection they are nothing and cant make money. Why has no one asked why harry would want to come back to a country that is so unsafe and so racist? Why would he want to be a part of a firm he labeled as being so toxic it caused meghan to want to take her own life and caused harry mental problems? Methinks his recollection of what he said has again varied?

  6. Haha do t make me laugh she wants Harry there because she’s frightened now she knows what they’ve said and done to try and destroy the royal family and country because it hasn’t worked she’s saying and pulling all her tricks out now

  7. Tbh, MM needs to out her own family first, black family and white. Who is she to advise anybody about familial relationships especially as both she and Harold have accused the king and Catherine of being racist! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is letter writing bs. Nobody writes letters these days and her such a modern strong independent woman! It isn't the kind of g'a birthday – trooping g of the colour is an official birthday and ceremonial so she can send the kids g a birthday card on his actual birthday in November. Of course, this is the harlot that was asked to have the king's 70th birthday because she was just telling everybody she was bored and being primadonna. Let's face it the reason she didn't get in to I with her father is no money, no inheritance, no titles, no Kudos. The reason she wants Harold to stay on good terms with the "racist/bullying family he has slagged off for millions of dollars with lies and malicious unsubstantiated allegations to a press he claims to abhor, is because they want to keep titles and inheritance! Let's be real shall we .

  8. Oh Neil
    When your wife claiming to talk to the dead ..?
    Do we need to say more here ..?
    By no means ..
    Myself after watching these videos for almost 2 years .. have😂zero trust ❤

  9. The trouble with Meghan is she😮 never thinks. She just spews poison without thinking of any consequence that might ensue. Never a seconds thought that perhaps this is not such a good idea and might have negative outcome for her . My late father had a term for it. "She just opens her mouth and lets her belly rumble".

  10. Every time a Public event like Trooping the Colour and a balcony appearance happens we’ve had these endless puff pieces .

    Will he won’t he should he shouldn’t he. This is the Kings day he wants to enjoy it without incident or the public booing because he’s allowed that traitor back on the balcony. And as for her when is she going to learn she doesn’t order the King to do anything.

    Yet again she’s attached herself to the family she claims abused her for publicity. She’s not bothered about Harry if she was she wouldn’t have caused the separation from his family and friends.

    She just wants the relevance and the attention a balcony appearance would bring to boost their profile back up and make them relevant again.

  11. Thank You Neil. Oh Crikey…the "desperate losers" are push, push, pushing!!!! GIVE IT ALL UP because we know how narcissists "function"!!! It's REALLY BORING NOW….. Enjoy your lovely day Neil. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Vodka speaking here!!! WAAAGH snippy!!! You made your choice so suck it up child….Hahahahahahahahahaha cheers Ausgranny 🇦🇺🇦🇺🤶❤👑❤❤❤❤❤🥂🥂🤣🤣🤣


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