Let's Play Symphony of War Episode 45: Storming the capital of Sayunaa pt.2 and clairvoyance

Well this is another case of my minor clairvoyance abilities. It is as I predicted long ago. We finally get to know who Jules is and why did Narima care about him so much. Can’t say I’m surprised, but the man has a lot of work before him. I do not envy him, no sir.
Also Stefan gets his big chest and new abilities. He also gets a fancy new weapon! Yay, but what good will that do him? Guess we need to find out in action.

For those interested in the full playthrough here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7ixSJmWBYyzCfvfTM3-WzXvPUICE7Cee

0:00 Start and continue last mission
23:07 Mission end
23:30 Royal revelations
27:47 Next shrine
31:28 Briefing
33:02 Love is in the air. Conversations
42:19 Unit managing and ending the episode


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