How Kim Kardashian’s EMPIRE of LIES will DESTROY the Kardashian Jenner Legacy | Downfall

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The dark truth and decay and downfall of Kim Kardashian’s newest lies, fraud and manipulation of the masses will destroy the Kardashian Jenner legacy. The origins of Ray J and Kim Kardashian is in question, and the legal documents tell a darker story. Will this bring the end of Kim’s Empire of Lies? Something doesn’t sit right in her web of lies, and we need to talk about it…

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29 thoughts on “How Kim Kardashian’s EMPIRE of LIES will DESTROY the Kardashian Jenner Legacy | Downfall”

  1. It’s gross to think that Kris watched the video. I would be mortified if either of my parents watched something like that I was in. To hear Kim say explain how it’s the job of “the manager”. It’s twisted.

  2. Kim and her whole entire cult of family have done nothing but manipulate and lie to anyone that cares to believe anything that comes out of their mouths. 1 Kim lied about the money she stole from Brandy, 2 the sex tapes and what she lied about having to get them back, 3 Her new earring falling into the ocean then being found in minutes, 4 her jewelry being robbed in Paris, 5 her reason why she ended the second marriage of 72 hours was because of Kanye and her just like her and Reggie Bush split. And so much more.

  3. My 13 year old granddaughter in 7th grade developed early; and the girls call her filthy names; and the boys have pushed her up against lockers to rub on her! My daughter had to have a police investigation initiated; which uncovered other girls suffering the same treatment from the same girls and boys. Many long suspensions and two expulsions. This is “ slooting” !!!

  4. I love how most youtubers just put out a trigger warning n Swoop not only warns u beforehand but also shows that she cares / takes time to help after discussing a sensitive topic.

  5. I love how most youtubers just put out a trigger warning n Swoop not only warns u beforehand but also shows that she cares / takes time to help after discussing a sensitive topic.

  6. After thinking further about Kris allegedly viewing and deciding which sex tape would be best for Kim's image it's beginning to sound borderline incestuous. I know it's not sexual relations in the traditional sense but I can't help but think it's leaning towards that lane in some way.


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