Dreamscaper Is The Most Impressive Roguelike You Never Knew About

The variety of items and spells and weapons is nuts I say! All these incredible games somehow slipped under my radar at release, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE.
Dreamscaper on Steam:


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4 thoughts on “Dreamscaper Is The Most Impressive Roguelike You Never Knew About”

  1. Blargho if you are trying out roguelikes you may be interested in Fear and Hunger. Very difficult but the difficulty comes from lack of information, as you trial and error through the game you learn tricks that can trivialize previously run-ending situations. I don’t want to spoil anything but worth a look

  2. Ive loved this game, its great.. i got it on switch last year, im surprised not a lot of people know about… the abilities all play very different too, each dodge is different, each melee weapon and lucid attack and ranged attack as well. It can get quite difficult on higher nightmare levels. Also each level has a secret room.


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