DGI-423 I China, Pak join SCO online I Bhutan's U-Turn on China I Israel pauses judicial reforms

SVB lost deposits of USD 142B out of total deposits of 175B in one day. Speaking at the SCO summit, Doval stresses the importance of sovereignty. China, Pak participate in SCO online. Bhutanโ€™s U-Turn, wants China to be present for Doklam resolution. Israel pauses judicial reforms & more!


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00:00 โ€“ Intro
00:32 โ€“ Bhutan cozying up with China?
05:25 โ€“ IS money put in start ups funny money?
08:19 โ€“ China is funding dubious activities in US?
10:18 โ€“ Crude oil imports in EU
10:54 โ€“ Wall Street journalist detained by Russian FSS on spying charges
17:01 โ€“ New revelations about Hunter Biden
20:54 โ€“ Israel striking more Targets near Damascus
26:32 โ€“ Future of the Chinese housing market and ghost cities
26:52 โ€“ Probability of recession for I.T sectors
29:21 โ€“ Pakistan May default on payments by June will USA accept Pakistani economic migrants or will they pressurize India to take them?
31:02 โ€“ Suddenly caste oppression guys have gone silent?
32:14 โ€“ Bhutanโ€™s U-turn or some local political rhetoric or money has changed hands?


25 thoughts on “DGI-423 I China, Pak join SCO online I Bhutan's U-Turn on China I Israel pauses judicial reforms”

  1. Off course. USA can't be trusted. At the same time Idia need their support. As is it stands India is doing fine balancing between USA and Russia. But when it comes to China, Russia won't support India against China.

  2. The alignments by nations are wizard and no morale value remains.Srong developed nations using every means to dominate the regions and usurp others' land is very dangerous..The world can not afford another major war..

  3. This is the weakest Govt in the history of india… they are winning Elections… there is doubt how they are winning… but one thing is there… they do not have support on the ground… so fissiparous tendencies will Mushroom…. a b Quadri..india

  4. In my view India should accept the US as the world leader. US is always better than the communist China. We should not allow the Chinese to lead the world. The Democracies across the world should unite against the communists and jihadis

  5. As far as I have little knowledge about US system of judiciary system, (in my opinion) the judicial officers are elected and there is a possibility of corruption and malfunction in the judiciary that is why Gearge zoros are controlling US judiciary and try to sue the former president.

  6. Sreeji , you must also get an expert on Bharatnatyam studies nd history to refute the baseless claims of this dancer , Nritya pillai ,from devadasi comkunity .
    She is part of T, N. Krishnaโ€™ cabal.

    She accuses brahmins especiallly women for cultural appropriation of bharatanatyam frim their community.

    She does nt say how her community would have just ended up as concubines ( many did willingly ) or prostitutes if not for the revival by Muthulakshmi Reddy who herself was a devadasi.

    Many of the women from this comkunity amassed wealth as teachers for individuals nd cine stars.

    They did nothing for their community but she has problem only with brahmin women .

    Her jealousy nd inferiority complex nd the funding ftom ? ,makes her wax eloquently all the propaganda .

    Dance needs a disciplined lifestyle, sacrifices . It is not easy money like being a concubine . You know what i mean

  7. As India's system deep roots are occupied n linked to various toolkits. I feel US system also fully captured by Chinese n Islamic radicals groups.
    Iyer Ji, US n Germany reaction to RG disqualification having RG signed MoU with CCP influence??
    CCP started it's influence on Iran, Saudi, Germany n Africa etc to regain it's hold on global importance after India's growth n role in recent political / security development?

  8. If someone keeps slapping u in the face and spitting on you why are you in the sco and working with them on dedollarization. I gave up along time ago. Where is the strategic thinking from Indiaโ€™s national security people ?

  9. Why am i not surprised that India as usual has be shafted by everybody……Gandhian foreign policy new pays any dividend…..but they still try to be seen to be the good boy…….As least China has some muscle to display…..India is busy meditating

  10. Bhutan ditching india because india failed to protect continous land grabbing by china .

    Bhutan had lost big land areas in doklam and north bhutan. The chinese are even making claims in eastern bhutan which lies beyond indian territory of tawang.

    Although india had defense treaty with bhutan, it do not have troops stationed in bhutan and keep silent on chinese aggression


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