David Cumin Praises the Rescue of 4 Israeli Hostages

Sean Plunket talks to the Israel Institute of NZ’s David Cumin who praises the rescue of 4 Israeli hostages.

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19 thoughts on “David Cumin Praises the Rescue of 4 Israeli Hostages”

  1. So, what is the relevance of this story to New Zealnders. A Middle Eastern bru haha or at best, the subject of a "penny dreadful". But at least, gaslighting New Zealand Maori is momentarily taking a break.

  2. About 200 of the casualties were Hamas fighters according to Israeli reports. It appears that most of the civilian casualties were killed by hap hazard fire by Hamas. But they won’t tell you that

  3. The supposed innocent civilians were armed to the teeth. Similarly to the previous hostage rescue, one of the supposed innocents was an UNRA staff member who held hostages. This time an Al Jazeers reporter was holding a hostage. Innocent civilians really.

  4. They used a humanitarian aid truck to sneak into a refugee camp, kill hundreds of people, to rescue less than half a dozen Israelis – not exactly Seal Team Six is it? More like Brandenburgers

  5. Can do a lot when intel is coming from the states.
    Plus this complete thing is being used to cull a group of people so Israeli doesn't have to put the two state plan into action.

  6. 274 Men, Women and Children were Slaughtered in the Massacre on the Refugee Camp! Over 600 were injured, 4 Israelis were returned who looked to be in good health. The footage of the Massacre and the Blood Bath at the hospital are Shocking! It is easily accessible if you have the stomach.

  7. Israel could have had all their citizens returned, had they entered into a diplomatic agreement with Hamas. Which shows you how disinterested the Israeli govt is in the lives of those citizens. The Israelis have used the situation to finish the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians started 75 years ogo.

  8. This is a disinformation site for Israeli propaganda. Sean and his tears for those 40 beheaded babies. And systematic rapes no proof no truth.. And still the genocide continues. Sean is no better than a holocaust denier.

  9. 4 hostages rescued [reportdly a few also killed], hundreds of civilians slaughtered… in the middle of the day in a crowded marktplace. Whole apartment blocks blitzed by F14s. By what kind of arithmetci is this success. Is that the exchange rate these days? sheesh.

  10. LOL, this guy saying that Hamas no doubt killed their own civilians with their RGGs, grenades and gunfire. Meanwhile F14s were raining hellfire from the sky on whol apartment blocks. sheesh.

  11. Political play by Ganstz wanted to get snap election as the US wants as well ( another political play by the US )
    Netanyahu is hugely supported by Israel public because unlike Gantz – Netanyahu does not support a 2 state solution


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