Coromon Few min of Gameplay

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Coromon gameplay is the Coromon Walkthrough that contains the Coromon full game and bosses. This Coromon Playthrough is on PC in FULL HD 60FPS. Below you will find the Coromon playlist that has all the Coromon content. Most of the time including all bosses, cutscenes, puzzles and game walkthrough from Coromon game. All the content footage was captured using OBS and edited on adobe premiere by me while playing the game on PC, none of this is reused content from another media or creator.
All Music belongs to respectful Owners-audio machine Music and composers, and i don’t copyright infringement. “THIS IS MERELY POSTED FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE VIEWERS”. All Credits Goes to the artist..

► PROCESSOR – i7 10700 4.80 GHz
► RAM – 16GB 3200MHz DDR3
► SDD – 256 gb
► GPU – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
► Mouse – Bloody Q81
► HeadPhones – Force Earphones
► LCD – 22″ 60Hz Sony LED
►keyboard – LESHP Mechnical

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