Breeders' Cup 2022: Live Longshots in all 14 races on HorseCenter

This week on HorseCenter, your hosts Brian Zipse and Matt Shifman go over their early selections and provide live longshots in all 14 Breeders’ Cup races at Keeneland on November 4 & 5.


9 thoughts on “Breeders' Cup 2022: Live Longshots in all 14 races on HorseCenter”

  1. Nagirroc Saved Ground inside with Very Hot Pace Ahead…Tipped out in Stretch…Grinded to Short Lead and Barely Held off Closers in Blanket Finish…Not a Fan at all of This Horse in Early Nov Against Better

  2. Best analysis I have seen all month. All wagering is about extracting value. Best way to have a wife not join you Breeders Cup weekend is to reserve a table inside a Las Vegas casino where outside food is not allowed. Go live at the track , and you are always distracted by how much that silly hat costs.


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