Back 4 Blood Act 3 Part 7 Making The Grade Gameplay [Recruit]

Get ready for a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter experience in Back 4 Blood! This game from the creators of Left 4 Dead puts you and your friends in the shoes of four Cleaners, a group of survivors of a devastating outbreak that has transformed most of humanity into monstrous Ridden.

In this gameplay video, you’ll see all the action as we take on a variety of missions, including clearing out Ridden-infested buildings, rescuing survivors, and retrieving supplies. We’ll also show off the different weapons and characters, and give you some tips on how to survive in this dangerous world.

Whether you’re a fan of Left 4 Dead or just looking for a great cooperative shooter, Back 4 Blood is definitely worth checking out. So grab your friends and get ready to fight for your survival!

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