ALL ORDER TOMES Guide Tips Tricks Tutorial AGE OF WONDERS 4

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Tome Of Zeal (T1)
02:49 – Tome Of Faith (T1)
05:58 – Tome Of The Beacon (T2)
08:35 – Tome Of The Inquisition (T2)
10:57 – Tome Of Subjugation (T3)
13:09 – Tome Of Sanctuary (T3)
16:00 – Tome Of Exaltation (T4)
19:57 – Tome Of Supremacy (T4)
22:42 – Tome Of The God Emperor (T5)

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This is a Tips & Tricks Compilation for Age Of Wonders 4. It features various Gameplay and mechanical advices, helping Beginners and Veterans. This video analyzes all tomes of the Order Affinity.

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15 thoughts on “ALL ORDER TOMES Guide Tips Tricks Tutorial AGE OF WONDERS 4”

  1. Tome of Faith is an extremely good starter tome. The chaplain is better than all faction-specific support units both in terms of healing and in buffing. It can bring your almost dead units to full hp in the beginning of fights, saving you tons of resources. Army heal allows you to fight your way through the map without worrying about reinforcements, you can literally forget about draft generation. And faithful whispers is invaluable in the early game, allowing you to easily win over the contested free city. Abbey is a very important structure too, as it allows you to quickly aquire a knowledge province, which is a requirement for high level knowledge buildings.

  2. The tooltip on Covenent of the Faith appears to be wrong. It actually provides 5 imperium, not 10 as it indicates.

    Still useful and worth casting, but not nearly as juicy as you expect.

  3. There is a trait in the Astral branch of the empire tree that awards you knowledge every time a unit gains a level.

    Cast ascended warriors on a stack and you can get a significant amount of knowledge from having 6 units level up at once.

    You can combine this with the Astral trait that gives all newly summoned magic origin units +3 levels. Summon a stack of low level units, gain tons of knowledge from each unit getting bumped up.

    Level them up 3 more times with Ascended Warriors, and gain a whole bunch more knowledge.

    Max out both the Astral and Order trees and you can realistically unlock every level 1-4 tome in a single game.

    There are some glitchy /unintended ways to get knowledge even faster, but I believe that this is the fastest method based on intended synergies.

  4. Something i found generally useful is u can pre cast the spell and keep it ready until i actually need it. Not sure if this is intended. This lets me cast spells that take a few turns ready when i need it and no upkeep is required while its, ready

  5. Keeper's Mark + Raise Zombies is ridiculous. In fact, theres a LOT of synergy with shadow. Doomherald + Subjugation, you get a massive morale wrecking combo. Also condemn + mind crush on a battlemage who also has high magecraft and an AOE spell like fire evocation can make 4-5 units go insane reliably! I had a really fun run where I combined these elements – I thought they wouldn't work well together but I was really wrong. Even the diplo-focus of order affinity unlocks play well with shadow, you can get all 4 whispering stones, and you can use them on other peoples vassals in the endgame.

  6. Excellent videos on all the tomes and I appreciate all the other videos you have done in regards to AoW 4. They are not too long, but pass along very helpful information. For the heal army spell, it should be more like heal a unit in the army spell. It doesn't do 20 hp to each unit, but rather just 20 hp. If you have a chewed up army and you want to heal a specific unit, you might need to have them step out of they can and then cast the heal several times.


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